April 16, 2020


Click here for Yesterday's Discussion on a Stimulus Update and discussion on Reboot Homework - https://youtu.be/mWbSiWkpWQc?t=1.   

As an overview of our Homework discussion on today's webinar, we covered the following recommended areas of focus for our "rainy day" projects - 

  • Organization Structure - is your operation running the way you would like or should we use this time to map out a better hierarchical structure?
  • Employee Relationships - do our aspirational job descriptions match what our staff actually does?  Now is the time to match up expectation and reality, in writing. 
  • Compliance  (Risk Assessment, Telehealth Consents, Coding-Documentation Review)
  • Estate Planning - email Jennifer (Jennifer@kirschenbaumesq.com) if you would like to procure a Will and finalize advance directives.  
  • Develop COVID Protocols - Necessary for Reboot for Staff and Patients.   Email Jennifer for us to provide specialty specific Protocols, which we can customize at your request. 
  • Corporate Review - Most practices have stale or inapplicable governing documents and never enough time to refresh until its too late.  Let Jennifer or Jodi know if you want a complimentary chat on your corporate documents.  No charge for listserv members and clients of the firm for an organizing discussion/assessment.  


COVID-19 Resources 
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