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RCM Advisor: Effectuating a Successful Sale Process

Avoiding the Wide Net of Fraud Conspiracy Investigation

Choosing a path: Apprentice or entrepreneur?


Practice Purchases and Sales - Keeping Everyone Satisfied

Protecting Practice Value through Restrictive Covenant

Protecting Your Revenue Through Proper Contracts

Getting to Know the National Practitioners Data Bank - NYSight

Hands Free, Hands Off! New York Passes Driving Phone Use Prohibition

Understanding the National Practitioner Data Bank and What a Report Means to You and Your License

The Battle of the Beverage: New York Court lets New Yorkers keep their super size sprites and venti mochas while limiting the power of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Understanding Bankruptcy as a Tool for the Continued Operation of a Medical Practice - Oncology Practice Management, February 2013

Seller Beware - NYSight Summer 2012

NEW HIPAA Rules - Breach Notification Rule

Making Compliance a Priority Today May Save Your Practice from OMIG Tomorrow, NYSDA printed version

Suspension or Revocation of Hospital Privileges - Knowing Your Rights and What to Expect

Accountable Care Organizations: Riding the Wave of the Future - Oncology Practice Management

Regulations prevent providing office space rent free - Medical Economics

Problems with account receivables can affect practice purchase price - Medical Economics

Reviewing provider contracts worth the effort - Medical Economics

Review ethics guidelines when selling products - Medical Economics

Use caution when offering free consults - Medical Economics

Seller Beware - NYSight Summer 2012

What You Need to Know BEFORE Accepting Your First Job

Is Charging Co-Pay for a No-Show OK?

Blog Talk Radio - Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq. discussing Health Reform Bill, April 4, 2010

Be the Captain of Your Own Ship

Developing the Right Compliance Plan for Your Practice

Another Reason You Need A Contract

DMV Reporting: Patient Autonomy v. Public Safety v. Potential Liability - What's a Doc to Do? NYSight

Laser Hair Removal in the Big Apple Can I offer it? And, do I need a license?

RAC Audits: Preparing for Medicare's Hired Guns - The American Chiropractor

Laser Hair Removal: What You Need To Know Before Offering This Popular Procedure

Preparing for Medicare's Hired Guns -


Medicaid Fraud and Compliance Issues, An Update - NYSDA News

Qualifying and Maintaining Tax Exempt Status

Understanding Office of Inspector General Initiatives and How to Prepare Your Practice - Oncology Practice Management

Protect Your Assets

Maintaining Your Records: In What Form and For How Long? Oncology Practice Management

What You Need to Know about Increased Audits by DOL and IRS - NYSight Spring 2010

Is Your Rental Arrangement Structured Correctly? NYSight Spring 2010

Transitioning Your Practice to Transparency - RCMS News

Compliance Requirements for Receiving or Ordering Medicaid Payable Dental Services - QCDS News

Understanding Medicare RAC Audits, Dynamic Chiropractic

Should a Physician Report An Impaired Patient to the DMV? MSSNY News

Protecting Your Practice from Unauthorized Email Disclosures - MSSNY News

Insurance Carrier Audits

OIG Self-Disclosure Protocol Procedure and Scope


OPMC: Monitoring Professionals for More than Professional Mistakes

Requirements for Collecting Co-Insurance, Co-Payments and Deductibles: When Do I Have to Balance Bill?

The Anti-Markup Rule: Impacting Reimbursement for Performing and Ordering Diagnostic Tests

The Death Tax: Why the Name is Misleading and What You Need to Know

The Medicaid Challenge: A Race for Recovery

When May I Disclose Patient Information Under HIPAA?

Physician Employee v. Independent Contractor Status - Why It Matters

Your Medical License as Marital Property

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