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Our approach to our clients' licenses is simple - assisting you in maintaining or obtaining a clean license is our top proirity.  Unlike other firm's who may parade clients in front of a goverment agency, we effectuate representing our clients in maintaining or obtaining a clean license by minimizing your exposure to the overseeing government agency, to the degree possible, and working with you and the applicable government agency to mitigate your potential exposure. Experience dictates that swift action and limited exposure effectuates expeditious resolution, which is our aim in each licensure representation by our team. 

Kirschenbaum & Kirschenbaum's healthcare team is committed to representing healthcare practitioners in licensure matters, including but not limited to:

  • Office of Professional Medical Conduct inquiries, audits and investigations
  • Office of Professional Discipline inquiries, audits and investigations
  • Education/Training Disputes
  • Residency Disputes
  • Assistance with Licensure Process

We are committed to preventing our clients from having to experience an OPMC or OPD investigation.  Should you receive an inquiry letter or visit, the first step is being prepared.  The below are intended to assist educate.

Should an OPMC or OPD investigator visit your practice, please do not engage with that individual and contact our office immediately.  

Looking to take preventative measures - 

K&K's Prepaid Legal Audit and investigation defense Now
As a value-add to our clients and the healthcare community our firm has developed K&K's PLAN - Prepaid Legal Audit and investigation defense Now.  PLAN participation is not required for clients of the firm, however, participants are assured representation at reduced legal fees, with certain services included in membership.  For additional information about K&K's PLAN, CLICK HERE or the image below. 

To discuss a licensure matter or potential licensure issue, contact Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq. at (516) 747-6700 x. 302 or for a free consultation.

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