I am sure you are aware of the carbon monoxide law that is it required for all restaurants and commercial spaces. It also needs to be wired. Just came across a burglar alarm job for a restaurant. Can you or any of your readers  tell me the type of wiring required and any other requirements?  I am in New York.   I also use your contracts, is there any updates or modification(s) needed? 
    This question raises a serious problem and before some of you out there blasts S, let me point out a few issues.
    If you don't know the wiring specs for a job then you need to check building codes, NFPA, UL or some other authority.  All I can do is tell you that using the wrong wiring when you know you don't know the right wiring, is probably gross negligence if that's what turns out to be the cause of the system not working.
    You should be using the Standard Commercial All in One for the burglar alarm in the restaurant.  There is nothing in that agreement that would cover wiring for carbon monoxide.  Seems to me that carbon monoxide detectors and monitoring would be covered by the Standard Commercial Fire All in One.  
    For a residence the Residential All in One does cover intrusion and fire alarms.  But you still need to know how to install them and what equipment, including wiring, is required.
    So what wiring to use is the least of your issues, though some expert out there may be willing to answer.
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