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why 80% liquidated damage provision / 4 days left for contract sale
January 8, 2019

only 4 days left.  Orders filled as received.  Avoid long wait and order today

    The Standard Form Agreements have been updated for 2019.  If your contracts are from 2017 or earlier you need to update.  For contracts after 2017, changes have been made and you should check with our Contract Administrator, Eileen Wagda, at 516 747 6700 ext 312 to see if your form needs updating.  Contracts purchased after August 2018 are already updated.  Keep in mind that our updates are free for 6 months and half price for 12 months from your original order date. Requests for updates will be processed and sent out after the new orders are processed.  The sale ends January 11, 2019 3 PM*; the sooner you order the sooner you will get the contracts.   
    This will definitely be the best deal of 2019.  When you place the order the full price will come up.  We will apply the discount manually when we process the order.
Here's the deal:
    Buy 1 Residential, Commercial or Fire All in One and get $100 off and $25 off Disclaimer Notice  Save $125
    Buy 2 All in One forms and get $100 off first and $200 off second and $50 off Disclaimer Notice and $100 off rider.   Save up to $450.
    Buy 3 or more All in One forms and get same as above and $300 off the third form and $400 off the fourth form.  Save up to $1150.00 [Residential, Commercial, Fire, Home Automation]
    Commercial Mobile Surveillance Lease $1000.  Save $500
    The Fire All in One with Security Rider $1250.00.  Save $400.00  Add the Commercial Fire All in One and the Commercial All in One and get $200 off each.  Save $800.00
    Qualifier Agreement  $1200.00   Save $300.00
    Nationwide DIY with monitoring.  $3500.00  Save $1000.00**
    Nationwide PERS with or without GPS tracking. $3500.00  Save $1000.00**
* Your order must be placed on line at and received by our office no later than January 11, 2019 by 3 PM EST.  Orders must contain valid credit card payment.  Fill out the order form; the full prices will show and we will apply the discount before processing the order.  Orders arriving after sale ends will be returned or with your approval charged regular published rates.  Orders will be processed in order received.  Rush orders, delivered by email within 48 hours, add 15% - call Eileen to process.

** Does not include consultation or modification
     What's our Guarantee policy re updates?
    Free updates within 6 months of purchase*
    Half price within 6 months to 1 year*
* applies to original purchase only
To check if you need or are entitled to an update contact our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda at 516 747 6700 x 312.  Update orders are processed after full price or discounted orders.

why 80% liquidated damage provision
            I understand why the liquidated damage clause is in the contracts and I agree with the formula. My question is why does the liquidated damages apply to the equipment when the equipment value is agreed to in the contract. Can you please explain the thought process behind that.
            Alarm contracts generally have a term of years for monitoring, service and inspection; sometimes lease.  Payment is required monthly or some other periodic time frame.  The payment for the continuing services over the term of the contract is referred to as RMR, recurring monthly revenue [no matter how its billed, so that annual billing is still referred to at RMR].  Alarm companies expect to make their profit over the life of the contract and that profit is challenged or not realized if the subscriber breaches the contract.  Upon breach the alarm company can discontinue services and demand payment for the balance of the contract.  Since the alarm company is no longer providing its services it would be unjust to require the subscriber to pay the full balance of the contract.  In contract disputes a non-breaching party would be entitled to recover its lost profit, defined as the amount charged less the amount required to fulfill the contract.  Because it is difficult if not impossible to establish an alarm company's lost profit it's appropriate to use a Liquidated Damage provision.  The Standard Form Agreements use 80% of the balance, which is another way of saying that the balance of contract is reduced 20%. There is no magic to the 80%, you could use less and maybe more.  
            Not all alarm companies sell the equipment.  In the Commercial All in One Lease [or the residential version] the equipment is the property of the alarm company and never becomes property of the subscriber unless the alarm company sells the equipment.  The All in One provides that upon breach of the contract the alarm company has the option to remove the equipment or sell the equipment to the subscriber for an agreed upon price which is set forth in the Lease. 
            You question is, why does that provision provide that the alarm company only recover 80% of the agreed price rather than the total agreed price?  The same analysis as above applies.  New equipment is likely worth more than old equipment; equipment depreciates.  If an alarm company has the right to recover its equipment but would prefer to sell the equipment, the alarm company would be compelled to prove the value of the equipment at the time it wants to recover the equipment, not the equipment cost when it was installed.  Again, since establishing such value would be difficult or impossible with certainty, the parties can agree on Liquidated Damages.  As long as the Liquidated Damages are reasonable and not shockingly unconscionable, courts will enforce the Liquidated Damage clause.  There should be some consideration for depreciation so using the liquidated damage clause makes the demand for the agreed value, less 20%, more acceptable.  
            You will also find the Liquidated Damage provision in the Residential All in One where the installation and equipment value is waived provided the subscriber complete the contract term.  There however the straight 80% isn't used. Instead the equipment is valued prorata over the life of the contract, but the starting point is the agreed value of the equipment. 
            Keep in mind that you don't have to seek the value of the equipment, you could demand removal, as some companies do.  In the Standard Form Agreement you have the option. 

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