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When There's More Than One Subscriber Or Locations / Programming Camera Systems - Limiting Access To Subscriber - January 27, 2017

When There's More Than One Subscriber Or Locations

    I have a couple of questions regarding multiple-property situations: 
    The first situation involves a property management company.  We do annual fire extinguisher service for a property management company that manages 18 apartment complexes, each of which has different owners.  How should we approach this from a contract standpoint?  Can we do one contract with the management company that covers all properties, or do we need a separate contract for each property?
    The second situation is a multiple-campus medical facility where we inspect extinguishers, sprinklers, and fire panels.  Should there be a separate contract for each location or can we enter into a blanket agreement that covers all of their properties?
    Thank you for all the time you spend helping us do things right.  
    In the first scenario, when dealing with an agent, here a Property Manager, it's best if owner signs but you can accept the PM.  You need to be careful - is PM agreeing to be financially responsible or acting as agent for the Owner [which is better].  Owner needs to confirm PM's agency.  You can have one or 18 contracts; again you need to word the contract correctly.  You should be using the Fire Protection Agreement and you can put the specifics of the deal in a Rider.
    Here there is one subscriber with several systems on its premises.  You can have one Fire Protection Agreement but remember that if there is default all systems are tied into the one contract.
    The Fire Protection Agreement covers a lot more than the fire extinguishers, so if you do other fire protection - suppression work this form is likely to cover the services.  
Programming Camera Systems - Limiting Access To Subscriber
    I have a question that is something brought up by one of my technicians. We were discussing camera systems and how he limits the access to our customers. Locking them out of programming so they can’t change things and blame us when it doesn’t work. Is there any part in our CCTV contract, or the All-in-One that covers something like this?    He had one customer who was rather adamant about it once, so he wrote something up for them and told them he was going to put it on the work order and make them sign and agree to it, they did change their mind. They didn’t want to sign it and then mess something up and not be able to blame us I guess.  
    The Commercial All in One [Residential All in One and Fire All in One have similar provision] is very clear on this point.  All programming is owned by the alarm company and considered its Intellectual Property.  Subscribers should not programming systems.  This is especial the case if the alarm company has any on-going relationship with the subscriber, such as leasing, servicing or monitoring systems.