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What form to use for new work for existing subscriber / Comment on false alarms / Biller Genie Integrates ACH
August 13, 2019
What form to use for new work for existing subscriber
            We have a previous Commercial All in One contract with this customer that has no clauses of the contract crossed out.
            Now we are doing a lot of additional work at the same location. We sent them new lease agreements. This customer now got their attorney involved and they want to cross out some of the important clauses.  Since we already have a contract in place with them, can we just use an addendum agreement for the additional work?
            It’s always a better plan to get a new contract signed so the term starts anew, but in this case that would reduce your contractual protection.  In this case it’s better to use a Supplemental Rider to the original contract.  We gave you a Supplemental Rider when you purchased the Commercial All in One [in your case, the Lease form].  
Comment on false alarms from article on July 29, 2019
             … more… challenging false alarm fines.
          Your July 29, 2019 Newsletter was really constructive for this divided issue.  Ron Walters and John from NJ did a good job of defining and defending the value of “false alarms” as an important part of private property “alarm systems”.  And most of us agree, fines/fees should not be legislated for “false alarms” at the alarm site.  Instead… the trend is moving toward fines/fees for UPR “Unnecessary Police Response” caused by “false alarms”.   BIG, BIG difference!  Customer is responsible for “false Alarms” (Ron & John definition), but private monitoring firms are responsible for “Unnecessary Police Response” and related consequences. 
          Hopefully, somebody will respond to K&K with justification and defense for monitoring firms that simply flip unknown signals to local police for a site inspection and customer feel-good. Very destructive for all stakeholders.  If insiders don’t take responsibility for doing-it-right, the outsiders will, like Amazon & Google.  Remember, the private security industry is getting high visibility for its global reach for Billions of customers.  And legislators are making it known that law enforcement is not a silent partners with the related private-interest-groups, aka alarm industry (despite recent LE experiments with Amazon and Google).
          Observations by: 
Lee Jones
Support Services Group
            Despite the cost to municipalities and bad publicity the alarm industry gets, fining the monitoring center or the alarm dealer is not the answer.  Monitoring centers need to err on the prudent side and treat an unconfirmed signal as an emergency situation.  Better to risk a fine than lose a life or significant property loss.  What would be good for the false alarm problem is more verification equipment and procedures.  Video and perhaps audio may ultimately be the answer since ECV doesn’t seem to be enough, though it certain must cut down false alarms significantly.  The All in One forms include a provision for RMR for alarm verification.  Start using it and start charging for it.

Biller Genie now integrates ACH
            For the first time ever, Biller Genie offers fully integrated ACH payment processing. Give your customers the payment flexibility and convenience they deserve, without sacrificing your time or your company’s bottom line.
            ACH payment processing is now integrated into the Biller Genie merchant and customer portals for a seamless, industry-only solution that gives your customers more ways to pay online.  Safe, secure and compliant, ACH payment processing through Biller Genie will elevate your business to next-level status and take your cash flow to new heights.
            If you haven’t already, give it a 
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