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what do you pay salesman / recording elevator audio
March 24, 2017
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TitleAll You Need To Know About Alarm dealer program contracts - getting in and getting out
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what do you pay salesman
    One of my Integrator clients in the Tri-State area is looking to expand by hiring his first commercial sales person.  Can you or one of my fellow subscribers help with what type of budget / comp plans are recommended?
    Thank you in advance for your help with this.
David Morgan
Security Dealer Marketing
888-572-4450 x100
    Since I don't employ alarm sales people I don't know, but someone out there should be able to help.  Anyone??  
    I do see different compensation packages and deals occasionally when a dispute arises between the company and employee or independent sales person.  I think you will find that the most common arrangement is base draw against commission based compensation.  Use to be 10% of the installation charge and 2 months RMR; not sure if that still works.  
    Keep in mind that every employee, but especially a commission based employee, should be under written contract.  For the regular W2 employee use our Employment Agreement.  If you engage an independent sales person, who is really independent, getting a 1099, then use the Independent Sales Affiliate Agreement.
    Since your dealer is in the tri-state area (New York) I'll mention one other little tidbit.  If you have a commission based employee and no written contract, and a dispute arises regarding the commission deal, only the sales person is permitted to testify at a trial.  So what the sales person says is all the judge will hear.  Quite the penalty for not having a written contract.  I don't know if other states have similar laws.
recording elevator audio
    We recently installed an elevator communication system in a large office building in Manhattan.  When an elevator passenger presses a "Help" button the call is answered at the building's fire command station, which is staffed 24/7.  Calls to elevators may also be initiated at fire command.
    Building management now wants us to add equipment to record all conversations from and to the elevators.  
    Since New York is a one-party state (Democrat, I believe), is it sufficient to have all employees who work at the fire command station sign a release?  Does the fact that there may be more than one person in an elevator change the interpretation of the law?  The situation seems analogous to a central station that records all incoming and outgoing calls.
    If the one-party release is adequate, will a simple "I hereby authorize the monitoring and recording of all of my elevator emergency communications at..." suffice?
    Please suggest other language that may be needed, or send me a sample letter if you have one.
Thank you.
Don Fait
F.D. Security Systems, Inc.
Katonah, NY
    Good question.  If a passenger requires assistance and pushes the help button I suppose that doesn't mean there is an expectation that the conversation will be recorded.  In New York the issue is resolved by having the operators at the call station sign consent to record agreement.  That should be included in their employment agreement or it can be in a simple form.  Your suggested language is acceptable.
    Hear is what is not permitted and how liability can arise, not for you but for the subscriber and employee who abuses the use of the recording.  The operator serepitiously activates the audio and listens or records a conversation in the elevator.  Interesting thing is, there may be one person in the elevator talking to himself.  Since the operator isn't a party to that "conversation" there would be no consent.  If two or more people are recorded without their knowledge that would also violate the law.  
    How the unlawful recordings are used is of course the issue.  If listened to but never made public or used in any way then no one is the wiser.  But image secret recordings in Trump Tower elevators that make their way to the media.  Or elevators in a building where Morgan Stanley investment bankers think they are in a private place and start talking about insider information.  Soon after one of the operators, or all of them, start driving to work in their new Mercedes.  
    You have no exposure by the way.  You install it and it's up to the subscriber to use the audio lawfully.  Be sure to use our Elevator Monitoring Contract with the subscriber. 

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