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Webinar notice / Comment on temporary security
October 10, 2019
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Webinar notice
Title:    Subcontractor v Employee and Consequences of Misclassification
When:  October 17, 2019 12-1 PM EST
Who Should Attend: Alarm owners, managers and CFOs
Presenter: Michael Foster, Esq. and Ken Kirschenbaum, Esq.
More information: Proper classification and consequences of misclassification of independent contractors and employee s; 1099 v W2; California's new law and how it impacts other states.
Register here:
Comment on temporary security from article on October 7, 2019
            Part or your response to can a GC sign a temp security agreement on October 7, 2019 raised some concern for me.  
            Part of your response was, “Be leery if asked to sign a GC's contract because it's going to have an indemnity provision that likely requires you to indemnify the GC and the Owner.”  
            We are asked to do temp security systems on almost all high end residential construction sites that we work on.  We are also often asked to sign a subcontractor agreement indemnifying the GC and owner for those sites.  
            The GC always signs our monitoring agreement.  Those agreements are never for very long and often a loss leader for getting the long term contract once the client takes residence and signs our agreement.  
            What affect does our signing the original GC contract have on 
(1) our temporary site security and
(2) our long term contract with that client?   The second concern extends to projects where we don’t do temp site security but are required to indemnify the GC and owner during the construction and system installation phase, then sign the client up for a long term contract once they take residence.  
            For temporary site security you should use the Commercial Lease All in One because it’s short term agreement and you continue to own the equipment.  While you can sell the system, you may find the GC or Owner is reluctant to invest in equipment that is intended to be used for short duration only during construction.
            All of the issues that require a proper contract in place before providing security or fire alarm service applies during temporary construction work; maybe more so.  You should not be indemnifying the GC or Owner, except for damage you cause while on the premises.  You definitely need to be careful that your indemnify does not include alarm failure,
            During construction phase you can sign with GC or Owner.  Once that phase is over you want to sign with Owner for the RMR work.

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