I just ordered the Personal Emergency Response Sale contract and wanted to let you know that I am using this for an apartment complex.  This means I will be having the Complex Manager/Owner sign a master agreement with an attached addendum or schedule listing units they will be billed for and will also be needing to have the resident sign PERS contract (plus the monitoring center subscriber agreement) that will include everything but the billing info. 
    In this case the Complex owner will be purchasing the PERS units.
    The Standard Form PERS Agreement is designed for a single state and for a single subscriber, however it is easily converted to a "Master Form" as you intend to do.  That is something you will do after you get the PERS Agreement from my office on your own or engage us to do for a modest charge.
    The "master agreement" with the facility owner will specify that the owner is paying for installation and monitoring for the units or tenants or patients or whatever the end users are.  The PERS Agreement describes the service.  Your rider will indicate that the owner will be paying a per unit price and each unit will need to be in service and paid for for a minimum term.   That information will be in your Rider.
    You are also correct that each end user will sign a PERS Agreement.  That agreement will indicate that paying is being made by the owner, but nevertheless each end user agrees to the terms of service and perhaps service calls or services that the owner is not paying for and the end user requests.
    You need the owner to sign an agreement because the owner is paying you.  It will also provide for the owner to indemnify you if you're sued.  You need the end users to sign because they are the one most likely to suffer a loss and sue you.  The Standard Form PERS Agreement is for a single state [there is a nationwide version also] and it contains protective provisions and required terminology that you need.  The Standard All in One [residential or commercial forms] is not suitable for PERS.  Get the separate form for PERS or mPers [mobile pers with GPS].  More questions on the forms, call our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda 516 747 6700 x 312 and she will be able to assist you.