I have a question with regards to the All in One Commercial Contract.  We are offered the opportunity to monitor multiple locations for a national retailer.   Can we use the Commercial All in One Contract? Do we use a spreadsheet as an attachment listing all the locations that are to be monitored or does each location have to have its own separate contract?  Also, if the spreadsheet is appropriate to use, can the customer be made responsible for the updating of the information on the spreadsheet such as store location address, emergency contact person, emergency contact person phone numbers (primary & secondary) and any other necessary information that a central station would need in order to dispatch?
    Thank you in advance for your help and guidance!
    The Commercial All in One can be used as the "master" agreement for multiple locations.  In fact, using the contract that way will likely avoid having to go through the process of getting the contract signed and avoiding the possibility of scrutiny and challenge to the contract provisions.  Using the All in One for multiple locations is going to take some ingenuity and creativity.  You may need legal assistance putting the agreement together.  The multiple locations may be presently identifiable and scheduled at the time the agreement is signed future or they could be unidentified locations that the subscriber hopes to open.
    If the locations are already known then you can provide a schedule and you'll know the scope of the job and the on going RMR services and pricing.  But if the future locations are unknown, or if other locations will need separate specifications for installation, service and pricing, that information will need to be provided when the location is identified and your services requested.  You either have to have a schedule of pricing that will kick in or a process for the subscriber to request the service for you to price it, and for you and the subscriber to approve and agree to the scope of work and pricing.  You will not have to negotiate the agreement terms because the All in One will govern the new location.
    Give me a call if you need assistance with the All in One agreement.
    WIth regard to the "firefighter"
1- Is the device listed by a RTL as an interconnect device?
2- Is the device RECOGNIZED or ENDORSED by any of the fire alarm manufacturers or communications manufacturers?
    Without a lot of serious documentation that the device is listed, recognized and approved for use I would probably say no way. If my customer WANTED this device so badly I would give him the yellow pages open to ALARM and walk away wishing him (her) all the best in their quest.
    If the purpose is to SAVE MONEY you have to ask at what cost.  When we cut corners with burglar alarms peoplle lose money. When you cut corners with a fire alarm people die.  Remember. 'WHY DID YOU DO WHAT YOU DID AND WHY DID YOU NOT DO WHAT YOU DIDN'T AND WHERE IS THE DOCUMENTATION THAT ALLOWS IT......"
    Just some ramblings for a Monday AM.
Joel Kent