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use contracts and get more for your business / sub moved and wants refund / Does fire contract repair service include parts and labor July 17, 2017

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use contracts and get more for your business / sub moved and wants refund / Does fire contract repair service include parts and labor
July 17,  2017
use contracts and get more for your business
    Just wanted to let you know that last December 2016 we successfully sold all of our accounts after 34 years in the security business. This year we are helping with the transition process and can definitely see retirement in the near future. 
    We have been a true " Mom & Pop" business, choosing to stay small in size.  I have always done the installations, often with a helper, and my wife has run the office.  Like most small companies, we have developed many loyal clients because of the personal touch we provided. So it was very important to us to find a buyer that had a similar approach to their business. 
    I say all this because one of the most important things we did a number of years ago was to start using your contracts. One of the first questions potential buyers asked was "do you have contracts?"  When we said we used Kirschenbaum contracts it was as if they all breathed a sigh of relief.  All of a sudden we had actual value in their eyes. Three very good offers came in immediately and we closed within eight months. The company we chose is a family owned and operated business that we connected with through our local alarm association, and we couldn't be happier with the whole transition.
    Since then I have casually talked with several owners that I have known and admired over the years and I feel bad for the ones that never felt like contracts were worth the effort.  Business owners are in general a proud bunch and they value their business according to the hard work and effort they have put into it over the years. But when it comes time to sell, that effort is secondary to having a solid contract in place for each client. I know you have said that for years and I hope owners have listened and acted on your advice.  We did, and it was the key to getting full value for our accounts. 
    Feel free to post this in your blog but please withhold our name and address.
    Thanks and best of luck in your retirement.
sub moved and wants refund
    I have a customer who moved mid quarter and wants the unused portion of her monitoring refunded. I told her we don't do that because we already paid central station in advance and she claims she contacted the Better Business Bureau who told her that's illegal because she's out of state and not able to use the alarm. is this true? thanks 
    If you have the All in One Agreement send it over for collection.  If you don't, refund the money.
Does fire contract repair service include parts and labor
    Are parts and labor included in the Fire All in One repair service option?  What other issues are there with repair service?
    The All in One Agreements include repair service and the repair service does include parts and labor.  Of course we can modify this if you want to with any variation of parts and service.  
    But you should be mindful that repair service, and I am referring to the service plan that is billed as RMR, not the per call service option, includes only ordinary wear and tear, and also excludes obsolete equipment and equipment that has reached its manufacturer end of life.  Yes this is two issues, though could be similar.  Foil is obsolete, even though it hasn't reached end of life.  Everyone reading this can probably come up with more and better examples.


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