I have been using your Standard Security System Sales Contract for both video and burg for quite some time.  Is this now what you referred to below as the “Commercial All in One?” or are there major differences?
Tim Gray
AA Security
    While still available and useful, the separate form agreements [you are using the Sales form agreement] should be upgraded to the All in One form agreement, which comes in Residential, Commercial and Commercial Fire.  Why?  Because it is not likely that all you do is sale and installation.  It's far more common and likely that you are also doing monitoring, inspection and repair service, as well as the sale and installation.  
    Using the All in One form agreements will enable you to present your subscriber with comprehensive coverage, and it will protect you for all the services you are likely performing, or would like to be performing.  Rarely does an alarm or security company want to be involved in a sale and installation only.  The money is in the recurring revenue, and you only get that by offering and providing the RMR items of service: monitoring, inspection, repair service, remote access, access control administration.  There are the items and services covered by the All in One Residential and All in One Commercial.
    If you do commercial fire installations you also want to offer the monitoring, service and inspection.  In fact almost all commercial fire alarm systems will require on going inspection and monitoring service; why should you leave that on the table by just doing the installation and hoping to later get the RMR services?  The Commercial Fire All in One is designed to cover all areas of service you should be performing for your subscriber.
    If you offer only installation, or only monitoring or only inspection and service, those agreement forms are still available and updated.
    The latest updated All in One forms are available now.  Get a jump start on the new year by getting these forms now. Contact our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda at 516 747 6700 x 312.