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UL certificate for Fire /  contracts for alarm and sprinklers
May 29, 2019
UL certificate for Fire
            Is the Monitoring Center Certificate in the Commercial Fire Alarm Agreement a specific certificate we provide the customers when installing fire alarm equipment?   I was reading the Standard Fire Alarm Agreement and noticed clause #4 on page 1.  We provide an installation certificate on each panel, but I am not familiar with a UL certificate for the AHJ.
Houston, Texas 
            Like many of the provisions in the Standard Form Agreements I was asked to add it by those with the technical expertise in the industry.  The provision you refer to is a RMR item, which means it's designed to generate recurring monthly revenue from the customer.  Here is the provision for those of you who don't have the Commercial Fire All in One [another provision you can copy into your crappy contract] and for those of you with the Commercial Fire All in One who haven't noticed it or not sure why it's there.
           " MONITORING CENTER CERTIFICATE:  Subscriber agrees to pay ALARM COMPANY the sum of $ ______ per month for the term of this agreement, for an Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) Fire Alarm Certificate service.   If this option is selected ALARM COMPANY will issue a UL Certificate for the fire alarm system.  Subscriber acknowledges that UL is a separate AHJ that may want to inspect the fire alarm system.  UL or the Local AHJ can require changes to the fire alarm system to keep the Certificate in force.  Subscriber agrees to pay ALARM COMPANY for any inspections or required changes at ALARM COMPANY’s then prevailing rates.®" Standard Fire All in One
            I asked fire alarm expert Wayne Wahrsager about the UL certificate for fire, and here is his response:
            Yes, UL does have a Fire listing service with Certificates. It is not commonly use in NY but in other parts of the country, like Florida, it is required.  In NY and  NJ the AHJ requires the NFPA certificate of inspection and testing and a completion certificate.
Wayne M. Wahrsager
Commercial Fire & Security, Inc.
Freeport, NY 
            Do any other fire experts have any additional information on this?  Please advise us.
contracts for alarm and sprinklers
             Is there such a version of the Fire All in One that includes sprinkler inspection and service?    We are about to embark on some new territory with sprinkler inspections using a sub-contractor
name withheld
            The "fire alarm industry" is very different than the "fire protection industry".  You should appreciate that fire "detection" is quite different than fire "prevention".  Of course even fire prevention equipment, like sprinklers, don't "prevent" a fire, but the equipment is designed and intended to prevent the spread of the fire, even extinguish the fire.  That's quite different than detect and hope that reporting the fire to First Responders will limit further damage.  
            Though many of the "protective" provisions are the same or similar to those found in the Fire All in One, the Fire Protection Agreement is unique to that industry and it's a separate contract form.  There is no "combined" agreement, and I suggest you not try to combine these two separate industries.  All they have in common is the RMR.
            Actually they have something else in common.  A well thought out and comprehensive Agreement.  You need them; get them today at

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