Question:  Hired as subcontractor to program fire alarm
    A sub of an electrician who installed a fire alarm at a 17 unit apt bldg called me to program the fire lite panel he installed. Guy he normally used is awol. 
    Who do I have sign a Standard  Fire Alarm contract?  There is the owner/developer, the electrician and the sub he hired to install the fire alarm. That guy is who called me. 
    Is this okay I will cross out purchase price for sales, and full service and just let it be for service?
    As a follow up, the electrician gave me a competitor's central receiver number and account number and  expected me to do the programming on the spot.   I would have no time to have the end user sign anything. Plus the electrician already tried to start programming and got the system in trouble. Oh, and there were a connection or two to make. Plus I'm not getting any recurring, so I politely explained he should call the monitoring alarm company to finish up this work. 
    I think you made the right decision to pass on this job.  The few bucks you were offered wasn't enough to pay for the potential nightmare.  
    But you had the right idea.  The Commercial Fire All in One was the right agreement to get the end user to sign.  You should have insisted on getting the inspection, monitoring and service RMR from the end user.  Not likely that the electrician was interested in those RMR items [only because most electricians don't know from RMR].  Had you gotten involved in the fire alarm installation or programming without a proper contract, and my guess is that the electrician didn't have a proper fire alarm contract, you would be exposed for a long time if that alarm failed to operate as the subscriber expected [and as you know that is quite a different expectation than the one you have].  In your case you should have used the Subcontract Agreement.  That form would have started with a representation by your hiring contractor that it has a proper contract with the end user, which in this scenario is not the case.Since the "general" contractor didn't have a proper contract it's appropriate for you to insist that your All in One be signed by the end user, even for just programming.
    All forms of security have the potential of exposing the security professional to liability.  The risks attendant with fire alarms are easy to imagine and you would be delusional to believe that those scary scenarios can't happen with your subscribers.  They can.  
    Any security services need to be pursuant to a proper alarm/security agreement signed by the end user.  That means either you or the contractor hiring you, needs a contract directly with the end user.  There are no acceptable short cuts or excuses.  Get the contract signed before you do the work.  While I don't necessarily endorsed strict non flexible business practices, I think this is one area where it's appropriate.  
follow up on Mobile Marketing
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