Quick question and not sure if you can help with it but its worth asking
    I have done some installs for an ADT company worth of about $1250, and he has been jerking me around and never paid me for them.  What can I do legally considering its a small amount.  It was all contracting based, not an employee.  thanks for your help
    Looks like anon is in trouble again.  This time it appears that anon has performed subcontracting work without an agreement.  Had he used the Standard Subcontracting Agreement he would have his legal remedy spelled out, clearly.  More importantly, the terms of the subcontracting deal would be spelled out so there would be no dispute about the amount and scope of the job.  Attorney fees would be recoverable too.  Finally, the dispute could be resolved in a matter of weeks by arbitration.
    So what should anon do now?  It seems like he was hired by an ADT authorized dealer [could be ADT directly].  He could start by writing to ADT Dealer Program and complain about the conduct of the dealer.  That might get someone's attention.  
    Next step is small claims court for this small dispute.  It doesn't warrant engaging an attorney, especially if you can't recoup counsel fees.
    Another annoying tactic could be notifying the Department of Labor.  Though anon claims to be a subcontract he hasn't been paid as a subcontractor.  In fact he hasn't been paid at all, or at least not in full.  Maybe he's not really a subcontractor in the eyes of the Labor Department.  Let the Labor Department sort it out.  While they do the ADT dealer will be facing an investigation for not paying his employees or perhaps improperly characterizing his employees as subcontractors.  If this works it would be like me suggesting you kill a fly with a military grade flame thrower.  
    If you do subcontracting or engage subcontractors get the Standard Form Subcontracting agreement at www.alarmcontracts.com.  Alternatively, get a flame thrower.