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sprinkler insurance, subcontractors and insurance
March 8, 2019
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sprinkler insurance, subcontractors and insurance re article from February 23, 2019
    Regarding the sprinkler sub-contractor, sometimes insurance carriers within the Fire/Burglar Alarm space will include exclusions for “Fire Suppression” work and exclusion would apply whether you complete and/or sub out that work. If you are doing this work or sub it out, you would want to make sure that Fire Suppression exclusion isn’t on the policy. There are a handful of programs that are specifically for the Sprinkler Contractors and will handle this exposure. 
    Regarding the Certificate of Insurance and being added as additional insured, that is great and should be doing when subcontracting any work. However, if your policy is excluding the Fire Suppression type work, then you are leaning solely on the Sub-Contractors policy. What happens if that sub-contractor doesn’t pay their bill and the policy lapses, the policy provides bad coverage terms, they are using a non-reputable insurance carrier, etc. 
Jeff Schulz, CIC, CRM
Managing Director, Commercial Division
J. Krug
    Fire Protection or Suppression is a different business than fire alarm business. You should not expect insurance coverage for one to cover the other.     There are a few fire alarm companies that also do fire protection. First, they need two separate contracts, Fire All in One and Fire Protection All in One, and second, they will need insurance policies that cover both areas of work.
    The designation of "additional insured" can mean different things, but for us layman common folk, it means that the insured and the additional insured are covered by the policy. Having one carrier covering claims can save a lot of time, money and aggravation.      Additional insured coverage will, as a common rule, follow an indemnification requirement. If you're required to indemnify another, best to get them named on your insurance policy as an additional insured. If you are demanding indemnity from another, get names on their policy.
     As Jeff points out, you can't always rely on the other party's insurance policy and your additional insured status; you need to carry your own insurance.


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