Special offer on new PBX System and Hosted Service contracts /
MongoTel dealer program - increase your RMR
    If you've figured out that you're not in the "alarm business" but you're in the RMR business, then you need to add telephone sale, installation and RMR services to your offered services.  The RMR you will generate pursuant to your new contracts will add to your cash flow and just as importantly increase the value of your business.  PBX [Private Branch Exchange] is shaping up as the telephone system of the future; the system of choice.  PBX platforms, specifically designed for commercial subscribers [though no reason residential subscribers can't use the systems].  It's one more low voltage system, wired, that offers recurring revenue opportunity.  How?
    We all use telephone services.  PBX hosted service is charged monthly by the communication provider.  Now you can be the "re-seller" of that service as an authorized dealer for
MongoTel Inc.  Since you are the one contracting with the subscriber you are setting the rates.  MongoTel will give you its rate, the wholesale rate, and you will make money on the difference between that rate and the rate you provide in your subscriber's contract for the hosted service.  
MongoTel doesn't install or service the PBX phone equipment that your subscriber will need to use the hosted service.  You will be charging for the sale of the equipment,  installation and on site repair services and extended warranty that you can offer.  These are the RMR items. 
     I have designed the
Standardized form contracts as sale or lease.  The RMR services are the same in both contracts.  The contracts are also designed for commercial or residential customers.
    You need to look into this opportunity today, before your competitors get the jump on you.  Businesses and consumers need to consider their communication services at the same time they are considering their security and fire alarm needs.  The PBX hosted service is another "integration" opportunity.  The learning curve is minimal especially since MongoTel has designed it's dealer program specifically for the alarm industry.  MongoTel will walk you through the entire process, which as far as I can see, is essentially risk free in a business economic sense.
    Here is a special offer you don't want to miss out on.  For the first 10 alarm dealers to
become a MongoTel dealer and purchase the new Standard form PBX System and Hosted Service contract MongoTel will sponsor half the cost of the contract so that your cost is only $437.50; that's  a 50% discount.  
    To check out and become a MongoTel dealer go to its website at
https://mongotel.com/installer_program.php  If you want to talk to someone on the phone call MongoTel's sales department at 718-942-9990 extension 232
    To get the new PBX System and Hosted Service contract go to
www.alarmcontacts.com  The contracts are in the Telephone Contracts category.