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smoke detector replacement and NFPA / contract for "free" alarm system January 27, 2018

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smoke detector replacement and NFPA / contract for "free" alarm system
January 27, 2018
smoke detector replacement and NFPA
    I know the manufacturers recommend smoke detectors should be junked/replaced after 10 years but I haven’t seen yet where the NFPA MANDATES that by code. Been in the trade since early 70’s and I know there are many detectors that are “ancient” and still in use. Most trip fine with smoke (canned or otherwise), a magnet, card or a pushpin,  but put a sensitivity tester on them and they fail miserably.  I’m sure with all your contacts you have the answer.  If you put this out in your daily email, please keep this
    NFPA 72 regs are above my pay scale.  Plenty of fire experts participate on this forum and I hope one or more can tell us if NFPA deals with replacing smoke detectors or other end of life equipment.  I know that the Standard Form Agreements do deal with obsolete and end of life equipment, which is excluded from the service RMR contracts.
contract for "free" alarm system
    I currently have your all in one contract I was looking through the website and I did not find what I was looking for in regards to an installment sale of security equipment. historically we have always given the free system to get a contract signed for monitoring however we’re starting to do some rather large installations and we are still getting stuck holding the bag. what I would like to do is create a installment agreement where they pay for their equipment over a fixed period of time and just add it together with the rmr do you have a contract for that purpose? 
    "free" system usually means that a basic system will be installed for little or no charge and the subscriber is expected to agree to a term monitoring agreement, 3 to 5 years.  There is a Standard Form Agreement for this transaction, though it's not on our Order Form Page.  If you want this agreement you should order the Residential All in One and then call or email our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda at 516 747 6700 x 312 or and let her know you want the form for the "free" system.
    The "free" system contract provides for waiver of the installation and purchase price of a basic system.  The components of the basic system will be itemized and the waived price will be inserted.  Typically its basic components and a price of $999 or more.   The waived price is recouped if the subscriber fails to perform under the monitoring agreement.  Recoupment is prorata with the balance of the term of the contract.  Extra equipment must be paid for at time of installation.  
    You can also use the Residential All in One lease and accomplish pretty much the same deal, except you will always own the equipment.  


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