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re Ooma soliciting alarm business: don't just get even with phone company, get ahead / electronic forms
August 16, 2017
re Ooma soliciting alarm business: don't just get even with phone company, get ahead from article on   August 4, 2017
    I presume that Dan from California is an alarm dealer so I see why Ooma’s security solicitation didn’t sit well with him. Dan, you are fighting a DIY battle and these companies are going after your clients. If you have any residential or commercial clients that you suspect or know use Ooma as their phone service, you are vulnerable. 
    I suggest you be pro-active and contact your customer base and share some of the online reviews of the Ooma service. Saying they do not have a good reputation is an understatement. 
    Having said that, you have to realize that if a client needs to switch because they’re looking to pay $4.00 per month for monitoring, let them go and move on to profitable customers. We are in the VoIP business and having to compete with Ooma as well in that channel, we know that the customer who wants free or nearly free phone service is one to be avoided. Just move on. 
    On the other hand, wouldn’t it feel nice to be able to take some of the phone business away from Ooma, Vonage Verizon, Frontier and all the cable carriers? If you join a Channel Partner program with a VoIP Hosting company like ours, you’ll have the ability to gain an RMR stream that wasn’t available to you just a few years ago. Take a look at our entry in The Alarm Exchange for a brief description of what we do, or visit us at and take a look at the program. 
John Haenn, President 
Concord Communications Group, Inc
    Don't be an American Buffalo, standing around waiting to be picked off and shot.  The phone and cable companies threat that surfaced - I don't know - at least 10 to 15 years ago -  to take your monitoring accounts didn't really take off.  I suspect these mammoth companies ultimately didn't think the effort, risk or expense, in devoting personnel and systems for security was worth it.  But as John points out, the DIY market has the potential to change that.  Based on my experience with customer service these communication giants would be wise to hook up with established wholesale central stations rather than try and compete with them.  However, no one asked me.
    So how can you better compete with the phone and cable companies?  How about offering their communication services through hosted PBX systems.  You partner up with companies like Concord or MongoTel and make money on the communication side as well as the security side.  I make money both ways too because we have the Standard Form Agreements you need for your subscribers to offer the phone system and communication services.  Win win.  
electronic forms
    We just purchased your “All-in-one” contracts for our new company (several of us with years of experience have gotten together with a new co.).   But, we really wish to use e-contracts to make it easier to electronically store contracts, etc.!  We will be purchasing your other contracts going forward….   Do you have an econtract version of your contracts available?
    We customize and send you the contracts by email, so if that's what you mean by electronic then, yes.  Though we have lots or places on the contract where information, data, needs to be inserted and selected, but we have not created fields for merging the information into an electronic document. There are companies that do that and they are on The Alarm Exchange under Technology and Services that increase or preserve your RMR.
    Before you start using electronic documents be sure to get our Disclosure and Consent to Electronic Communication form which will permit you to satisfy consumer contract execution and other laws with consumers using electronic forms.


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