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Rapid Response comments on central station using the Stages product
January 31, 2018
comment on central stations in the cloud - Stages product from January 22, 2018 article
    I think there was a major point that was missed or reported in error that needs to be addressed.  We use the SGS stages product and have since 2010, so we have a lot of understanding about how it works and is used, probably more that anyone in the space today.
    Stages is NOT a “cloud” based product in the same sense that most people understand “cloud” or Software as a Service offering. Stages has been web based and runs in a browser environment since day one which is why it plays nicely in larger environments.  Our stages environment is 100%  located in our two data centers; we don’t rely on anyone else to make this platform run.
    SGS has decided that they are not going to do a hosted version that would compare to Dice, Bold or others for the very reason you stated “what if the Internet goes down”.  In a typical hosting environment, if a center using one of these for a platform loses connectivity for any reason, their center is dead in the water and have few alternatives until connectivity is returned.
    Instead SGS is promoting centers like Rapid Response to become a hosting provider for the platform to smaller users.  The huge difference in this configuration is, if a center goes offline for any reason, including things like connectivity, work stoppage or weather, we can process alarm events for you until connectivity comes back up.  The subscribers will never know the difference.  We and SGS both believe this is a significant difference.
    The Internet is a fragile network, subject to all kinds of failures and problems and it’s not a matter of when,  it will be a matter of how bad will it be.  And yes I have heard all the promises about dual ISP’s and high availability, this and that, but things happen, mostly out of our control, but the main reason SGS partnered with centers like us that no one else does, is have people ready to go in seconds when things go bad.
    We also have other options including partitioned on-site servers and receivers in the event you want to be double protected, there are a lot of options in how these remote centers can be configured and managed.
    All the best ..
Morgan Hertel | VP of Technology and Innovation
Rapid Response Monitoring
    This topic leads nicely to the topic of what communication pathways do central stations rely on?  What do those who establish trade and custom standards, as well as building code standards, say about communication pathways.  Alarm systems are not infallible, and communication failure is one of the reasons why.  Any method or form of communication pathway - from A to B - is subject to disruption.  What are reasonable steps to reduce risks related to communication failure?  One, two or more communication pathways? 
    There are lots of reasons why an alarm system may not report a condition it was installed to detect.  Communication failure is one reason, and it's a reason that every dealer and central station can point to someone else to blame.  The Standard Form Agreements have sufficient "protective" provisions so that alarm companies can defend themselves from claims that the alarm system did not operate properly.  While it is laudable that all alarm professionals strive to improve their products and services, in view of the enormous risk in providing electronic alarm security, fire or whatever you are detecting, you need updated contracts, contracts that keep pace with the industry and technology.  Update your contracts with the Standard Form Agreements; get them here:   Need help selecting the contracts you need?  Call our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda at 516 747 6700 x 312 or email her at  


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