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Radio Accepted For Commercial Fire - Do You Need New Fire Contract / Who Owns Communicator - November 5, 2016

radio accepted for commercial fire - do you need new fire contract
    Honeywell has announced that the New York City Fire Department [the AHJ in NYC for fire] has approved the use of Honeywell's IPGSM-4G commercial fire radio.  If your AHJ hasn't approved radio for commercial fire it's something you can probably look forward to.  This is good example of evolving technology changing how you do business.  
    Do you need to update your Commercial Fire agreement?  Not if you have the Commercial Fire All in One from 2013 or after.  If before, get it updated.  The central station monitoring paragraph was updated in  September 2016 so if you don't have the Copyright form dated 9-1-16 you should consider getting the updated version.
    Contact our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda at 516 747 6700 x 312 for assistance or order your updated Commercial Fire All in One at
who owns communicator
    Under the standard contract is the GSM COMMUNICATOR the property of the Alarm company? And if so can we charge the client if he damages it when terminating after the initial term?
Thank you,
    Earlier versions of the Standard All in One Agreements provided that the "communication device" remained property of the alarm company.  That was changed at some point to provide that the "communication software" remains the alarm company property and also all "software programming" remains the Intellectual Property of the alarm company.  You should be using updated contract forms.