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Protect America hit list - some marketing ideas of your own
May 8, 2017
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Title: All You Need to Know Before You Add DIY to Your Business
Presented by: Megan McDonald, VP of Marketing, Alarm Capital Alliance and MyAlarm Center
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Protect America hit list - some marketing ideas of your own
    This is a very interesting article; [April 19, 2017 - Have you made Protect Americas hit list]  thanks for sharing. So here's a link to view Google's formal policy on Trademarks. To summarize, Google will allow an owner of a trademark to submit a complaint for removal; however it will NOT investigate the use of a trademark used as a keyword or in the display URL. This is how Protect America is able to get away with it according to Google's rules / regs. John H. provided a great write up on it in IPVM so I'll take a different approach as to not be redundant.  
    As a local security company with much smaller pockets, how can we leverage / take advantage of this? First, keep in mind that ADT, Simplisafe and Protect America are all national companies; you are not. Google knows where each of us are according to our IP address. We as local advertisers can leverage this with the national / local competitors in our markets. It's interesting that the approach between Simplisafe and Protect America is so different with one offering a comparison and the other merely talking about themselves. Which approach do you prefer?  
    Ken K. had referenced reaching out to your Website company to add some metatags to your Website. It may be possible with some of your local competitors but it will be very challenging to do this with the nationals including ADT since there aren't any competitors within the 1st 10 pages or 100 organic results. Using paid ads is an option and here are a few things to take into consideration if you'd like to give it a go. 
    Since you probably have a local service area be sure to choose your exact service area since Google is able to only serve your text ads only within the areas you've selected. You'll want to create a list of your national / local competitors and create unique text ads for each of them to maximize the potential benefit. The next thing to take into consideration is should you take Simplisafe or Protect America's approach?   Disclaimer...We don't provide marketing services for either Protect America or Simplisafe but do or have for nearly 200 security companies nationwide. Our recommendation would be to use Protect America's approach presuming you are able to clearly communicate the difference between each competitor and your group.
    I'll take things a step further, especially for Integrators or dealers that work with commercial end users. Why not apply this to select manufactures you represent?  For example, an integrator client of ours recently mentioned to me that they were previously receiving leads from Avigilon but over the last year they had almost dried up. I'd imagine that the volume of leads haven't completely gone away but maybe they've been reallocated to another security company(ies). Why not position yourself as the go to local authorized dealer in your market? Keep in mind this can even be done with some of the bigger groups including Honeywell and Bosch. As we all know both of these brands do things outside of security and fire so don't just bid on the word Honeywell or Bosch or you may be showing up for someone wanting to learn about fans or car parts. Be sure to add security or fire to each of those brands.
    There are other steps to properly set this up in Google but hopefully this will get you thinking about outside the box ways to market your security company in ways you aren't doing it now.
    If you're interested in learning more, give me a call.  Great article Ken;  Keep them coming!
David Morgan
Security Dealer Marketing
888.572.4450 x100

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Title: All You Need to Know Before You Add DIY to Your Business
When: May 9, 2017 12 noon EST
What will be covered: This session will cover the basics of the DIY model, the critical factors of succeeding with a DIY business, the DIY customer and how the market has shifted over the last few years.
Who should attend: Alarm company owners, managers and those interested in DIY business model
Presented by: Megan McDonald, VP of Marketing, Alarm Capital Alliance and MyAlarm Center. 866-484-4800 x 8470 
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Title: All You Need to know about getting NICET certified
When: May 23,  2017 noon EST
Where: Your computer for power point, live video and call in on computer or phone
What will be covered:  Why you should get NICET certified and how to do it
Who should attend: Alarm company owners with technical skills, technicians
Presented by:  Bryan McLane, National Training Center, 4148 Mantle Ave., N Las Vegas, NV 89084. Direct phone 828-649-1337
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