We have our proposals signed;  then we forward the long legal contract on all installs.
My question – can we incorporate something watered down if we sold a camera project or should we ALWAYS have the long legal contract signed for projects that don’t have monitoring services.
    Do you have a contract that can be incorporated into our proposals?  We always get our long contracts signed but would like something in the proposal as well.  
    Also, can you provide me a price for a subcontract agreement between us and a potential subcontractor?
    Referring to the contracts as "long contracts" tells me that you don't really have an appreciation for the "long contracts".  Not all "long contracts" are the same, and in fact most likely no "long contracts" are alike unless they are the Standard Form Agreements with the Kirschenbaum Contracts TM.  Saying you have a contract is like saying you have a car and expecting me to know what kind of car you have.  
    You should not do any alarm, security or fire work, installation, repair service, inspection or monitoring without a proper contract.  You'll note that I've changed the discussion from "long term" contract to "proper contract".  What makes it "proper"?  
    Well, many of the provisions that makes it "long"  makes it proper.  But obviously not all long contracts have proper provisions.  All proper contracts are necessarily going to meet your definition of "long".  
    If you sold and installed a camera system you should have used the Commercial All in One [or the Residential All in One].  That same agreement contains provisions for repair service, inspection and monitoring.  If you aren't providing those services then don't check the boxes.  
    The contract is not incorporated in the proposal.  The proposal can be incorporated in the contract; it can be the Schedule of Equipment and Services which is part of the All in One Agreement.  
    Here is a key element of a proposal:  it must not call for the acceptance by the subscriber; it should not end up being the agreement.  If you want a sign-off on the proposal make sure the proposal states that it is "subject to execution of company's standard form agreement" or something similar.
    If you subcontract work or you are a subcontractor you can get our subcontractor agreement at AlarmContracts.com
    This should be a wake up call. EVERY dealer at that central station should move their account. Since its anon I suggest ALL dealers call to ask their central station "what's your policy on direct customer connection" 
    As an industry we should not have to compete against a segment of the industry that creates the entire platform that we dealers use to survive! (Unless your large enough to be a dealer with your own central station)
Dimitry Boss