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projections for buyers/sellers/lenders of RR-Recurring Revenue / buy - sell representation / Chanukah and Christmas gift [free]
 December 15, 2017
Chanukah and Christmas gift
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projections for buyers/sellers/lenders of RR-Recurring Revenue
    Here is article that those on this forum may find useful.
    Investors who buy/sell/fund alarm companies and alarm contracts want guidance for correctly valuing the short term and long term market value. They realize that all systems and contracts are not alike. Most of the alarm industry is still highly fragmented, with over 10,000 independent alarm companies, from local mom & pop to corporate giants that sell, install, service residential and commercial systems that are customized to fit every need and threat imaginable, in just about every zip code.
    Although sales, installation, service, and related technology, are highly fragmented with minimal standards, the “remote monitoring” segment of the industry is becoming highly standardized, including two-way interaction with the customer site.  And we should not overlook the privileges associated with state licensing for monitoring firms, which allow monitoring firms to be held to a higher standard, including greater accountability for their actions and in-actions.     Today the link to false alarm problems and solutions (police relations) is the monitoring segment of the alarm industry.
    Local law enforcement has been a critical part of the valuation formula. Among all the fragmentation and the endless choice of old and new technology, and politics, it is the interaction between law enforcement and the monitoring sources that drive the majority of market value.  Customers are willing to pay a higher price year after year for a consumer protection product that will bring police, on-demand, without qualification, by their monitoring source. If police will not come, or very low priority, customers cancel or demand lower rates, thus lower market value.
    The alarm industry has abused the privileges extended by law enforcement, ie require police to bend the 911 rules and protocol to deliver unnecessary police response to 98% false alarms.      That relationship was unsustainable for lots of reasons, including unlawful acts, which demanded change. Law enforcement is beginning to return strict enforcement of 911 rules and protocol in the form of VR-Verified Response, SR-Subsidy Recovery; BF-Broadcast & File; or variations thereof. Note, most of these modern templates require the monitoring source to take greater responsibility for fines/fees/costs.
    “Defensive” systems provide remote witness interaction, for 911 type response. “Deterrent” systems do not have remote witness interaction, nor emergency response.   Defensive systems have higher market value than Deterrent systems. Historically security companies were sold/purchased/funded based on the assumption they are all alike. Deterrent systems are the majority and can pull down total market value.  When projecting future value, that separation is an important consideration. Investors should also consider the consequences of D.I.Y & M.I.Y; legacy liability for deceptive business practices; recent class-action litigation.
Lee Jones
Support Services Group
    Not quite clear on your message Lee, but if it suggests that DIY and even MIY systems can add valuable RMR for alarm dealers, I agree.  The liability is managed in the Standard Alarm Agreements.
buy - sell representation
    I am in talks with another dealer about purchasing his company.  Is this something you can look at for us? If so how much would it cost?  We have his financials and ideas from our accountant.  Please let me know.
    We have a transactional team of attorneys whose experience includes small to huge transactions.  We will match the sophistication of the attorney with the requirements of the deal.  Fees can range from as low as $1500 to .... a lot more than that.  Depends on the time involved.  
    The size of the deal is one factor that contributes to time, but dealing with attorneys not familiar with the alarm industry, or "alarm industry" lawyers who are burned out or want to show us how smart or difficult they can be, will add significant time, and adding bank lawyers to the mix will likely add much more time.  
    However, whatever time is spent doing the deal, it's going to be a lot less than the time needed to litigate the dispute after the deal closes.  Contact me or Jennifer Kirschenbaum,Esq at 516 747 6700 x 302 or to get started with the sale or purchase of accounts.

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