Police dept in NY offers alarm response with emergency APP
    According to local newspaper Nassau County police department is offering to school districts the most comprehensive emergency response APP service available, anywhere.  Software was developed by IntraLogic Solutions in Massappeaqua, NY and Rave Moblie Safety of Framingham Massachusetts developed the phone application.  The app will notify the police via cellular 911 call, send a text, provide GPS coordinates, and then police will have access to cameras for live feed and access control to lock and unlock doors.  In theory, the app used with google map will enable the police to provide immediate response to "shooter" situations at schools.  The plan is to offer the emergency service to businesses such as shopping malls and movie theaters.  Nassau County is offering the devices at no charge to the schools, some of whom are resisting the service because they believe the system too intrusive, presumable because of access to the cameras.
    Response systems like this are being used in Florida, Texas, upstate New York and Suffolk County, NY, according to the article, which also mentioned that Nassau County spent over $3,000,000.00 for 4000 push button devices which have a two way microphone connected to 911.  
    I'm a Nassau County, NY tax payer and the waste here is remarkable.  I'm not convinced that this system will work much better than cell phones calling 911.
    Now the alarm industry needs to keep pace not only with other alarm industry competitors but government agencies, police included.  How much longer before every call from the central station is met with the same police or fire department response, "thanks, we got it already".
    Even more troubling, the County didn't ask me for a contract!!.  Guess they don't need one.  
talking to key holders
    From time to time we calls from key holders to alarm accounts that we monitor. These key holders have the correct passcode for the property that they are calling in reference to. These questions may pertain to bypassing zones or simple operation of the alarm system. My question to you is do we talk to them and give them the information they are asking? In my opinion they are simply the key holder, our contract is with the owner of the property. I would welcome your advice.
Jay Lassiter
IDS Alarm Services
    Unless your agreement with the end user authorizes you to talk to or take direction from a key holder or anyone other than the end user signing the contract, don't.  Central station operators are well advised to follow dispatch procedures.  Alarm company personnel are well advised to adhere to company policy regarding dissemination of customer information.  They too should follow established procedures.  
    You don't have established procedures?  Well you have to have them.  Write them up and follow them.  Your agreement should specify the authority of a key holder, and if it doesn't, they have no authority other than to open a door.