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picking on Honeywell / AlarmNet insurance requirement / new Honeywell DIY products Chanukah and Christmas gift [free]
 December 18, 2017
NOTICE:  BDA added to updated Fire All in One
    The Fire All in One has been updated to include BDA systems.  This is in addition to the recent update adding Area of Refuse System.   Both of these systems require that the corresponding box be checked if the system is included in the Fire All in One.  A BDA system is an In-Building Wireless Communications Systems for Emergency Responders, Signal Boosters and Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA), which systems require testing and service.  You will include that system in the Schedule of Equipment and Services to determine which of the services are included:  wireless system design, surveys, radio equipment installation, testing, coordination and permits with AHJ.  Remember - we offer free updates within 6 months of purchase; half price if within one year.
Chanukah and Christmas gift
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picking on Honeywell / AlarmNet insurance requirement
    I received this from Honeywell a few months ago and just felt it was strange that they want us to now to submit to this after doing busy with them for over 25 years and after a several hundred customers on their system. I understand it to basically say if they screw up we will cover all cost to defend them! Why should I agree and cost me more money to use their product.
Here is the notice from Honeywell's AlarmNet:
    Per the AlarmNet Services Agreement (“Agreement”), each customer must provide an endorsed Certificate of Liability Insurance with limits of Commercial General Liability as specified in Section 8 of the Agreement. This Certificate should name AlarmNet, Inc. as additional insured and provide coverage in the amount of $3 million.  The policy must also include the obligation to defend any actions brought against you or AlarmNet. This policy shall not be canceled or modified unless AlarmNet and Honeywell have been given thirty (30) days written notice.
    The COI typically is good for a year. AlarmNet Administration logs the COI information into the database, specifically whether or not we have the agreement, the endorsement, amount of General Liability, and the expiration date. On a monthly basis, AlarmNet will send a courtesy reminder to customers whose COI is expired, or is going to expire in the next 60 days. Once the new certificate is received, the new information is logged.
    Customers can return their current Certificate of Liability Insurance through any of the following:          
Fax:  (631) 692-8978          
AlarmNet Administration
2 Corporate Center Drive
Suite 100
Melville, NY 11747
    Thank you,
AlarmNet Administration
Response and comment on new Honeywell DIY products
    According to this notice AlarmNet is reminding you that your customers must name AlarmNet Inc as an additional insured on the customer's insurance policy.  What's not clear is what AlarmNet intends to do if the customer has not provided the insurance.  Will AlarmNet activate the account and permit the subscriber to access the system and receive the services? Just looking at this notice does not reveal what the penalty may be to the alarm dealer for signing up and providing AlarmNet services to a customer who does not add AlarmNet as an additional insured.  The 3 million coverage may be in excess of the typical policy.
    In all fairness, keep in mind that the Standard Form Agreement requires the subscriber to add the alarm dealer as an additional insured on the subscriber's policy.  
    Alarm dealers who use AlarmNet should ascertain if they are agreeing to indemnify AlarmNet.  If the answer is yes then the customer's insurance should cover that indemnity and the alarm dealer should insist that AlarmNet limit the indemnity to that insurance coverage.
    On another note, I read that Honeywell has announced what it calls its first DIY security solution.  It's apparently a camera system with audio, integrated with Amazon's Alexa Voice Service.  Honeywell, have you forgotten that you purchased, owned and operated the Videofied DragaonFly camera DIY system?  After about a year Honeywell sent a notice to consumers that the DragonFly service will be discontinued by the end of this month and the equipment is now worthless and useless.  Will there be any warranty of continued service for these new products?

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