Question:  Pepper spray part of alarm system
    A commercial customer wants us to wire a pepper spray discharging gadget that will discharge upon alarm (or be delayed after alarm) inside his property, near two entrances.  I need to make the call of whether to tell him "yes" or "no".
    How far up the liability scale of 1-10 (10 being: Absolutely Don't do it) is this?
Can the risk be mitigated by any disclaimer text you can offer which will be added to the All-in-One contract terms? 
Thank you very much
    We would have to check CA to see if there are laws regarding pepper spray
- but my first inclination is that you can do it - and the All in One
should already cover you for it if you describe it in the Schedule of
Equipment and Services.  If pepper spray is legal in your state for discharge in emergency you can probably safely hook it up as part of your alarm system.  
    Obviously there are limits to what measures you can add to your alarm system.  The alarm system is a deterrent and a communication device.  Having the alarm deters the intrusion in the first instance and communicates a signal to announce a break in.  Self executing defensive measures may however be excessive and not permitted.  For example, your alarm cannot [most likely] pull the trigger on a shot gun aimed at the entranceway.  It probably can't lift the cage door of hungry pit bulls.  It probably can't emit such a high frequency sound that is intended to render the intruder permanently deaf or brain damaged.  
    I suppose one could argue why not to all of the above.  Why should an intruder be entitled to any consideration.  But someone may not actually be an intruder and in any event there can be exposure for excessive force.  Keep in mind that this is not really the same as if you're in the house and someone breaks in, or if you're in a Do Not Retreat state and your life or well being is threatened permitting you to use lethal force.  Here the defensive response is automated.  You might not even be home or in the place of business.  
    So pepper spray isn't the same as a shot gun, but if it causes permanent damage expect to be sued by the perpetrator, who may very well make out better than he would have in a successful burglary.
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