We recently purchased the “All in One Commercial Monitoring Contract” from you.  And thank you very much.
    I have a question.  We have a National customer that has asked us to monitor their locations nationally, 70 in all.  We are only licensed to do business in Florida but our monitoring company is licensed in all 50 states.  Is it legal for us to do their monitoring?  What do you recommend that we do to further protect ourselves?  And can you help us with this?
    Thanks for your assistance.
    Though most states require an alarm license for installation or service, most states do not require a license for alarm monitoring.  However, some states do, approximately 18.  In those states that do require an alarm license for monitoring it is likely that if you are the company contracting for the monitoring services you should have the license.
    You can try and claim that you don't need the license because the actual monitoring is being performed by an independent monitoring company, that hopefully has a license in states requiring a monitoring license, but that argument is not likely to be accepted; it might get you off with a warning rather than a fine.  Since you're not doing the monitoring it won't be you or your employees calling to report an alarm condition.  The fact that you are providing the monitoring may not come to the attention of authorities unless a complaint is filed against you or you commence collection proceedings that also lead to a complaint.  If you intend to have a significant presence in the jurisdiction then you should get licensed.
    We can assist you with licensing and you can find a license holder to work for you by posting in The Alarm Exchange.  Once we or you find a qualifier with a license we will draft a customized Qualifier Agreement for you and the qualifier.  For further information on this service contact Jesse Kirschenbaum, Esq at 516 747 6700 x 307 or Jesse@KirschenbaumEsq.com
    Regarding the Alarm Certificate that you had posted in your email message, I've checked your website and you have a Standard Completion Certificate for $40.  Is this the same as the Alarm Certificate that was recently discussed on the forum?  Just double checking before I place the order as the wording is a little different.
    The Completion Certificate is a different document than the Alarm Certificate.
    The Completion Certificate is used after completing the installation or a service call.  It is the subscriber's acknowledgment that your work is completed and the alarm is operational.
    The Alarm Certificate is a document you prepare for your subscriber to present to its insurance company to show that the subscriber has an alarm system.
    The two documents are nothing alike.  We offer the Completion Certificate as a standard form and you get it here: Kirschenbaum & Kirschenbaum Alarm Contracts.  The Alarm Ceritificate is something you make up on your own or ask the subscriber's insurance carrier the form they want it in.


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August 4: Central and Remote Station Monitoring Instructions- Are your instructions safe or foreseeable dangerous?

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