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More response on technical fire alarm question – using correct panel
November 26,  2019
More response on technical fire alarm question – using correct panel from articles on November 11 and 22, 2019
            Here is the code information for Matt who just want to add smoke detectors to the burglar alarm system. 
   NYC Building Code:
901.4.2 Fire protection systems not required by code. Any fire protection system or portion thereof not required by this code, the rules or the construction codes, including the Building Code, may be installed to provide partial or complete protection of a building or structure, provided such system meets the requirements of this code, the rules and the construction codes, including the Building Code, as applicable. Where the design and installation of such fire protection system is governed by this code or the rules, the commissioner may modify such requirements, consistent with the interests of fire safety, upon a determination that such modification will promote public safety by encouraging the installation of such systems.
NFPA 72 2010 as accepted by the NYC Building Code:
23.2.3* Non-required (Voluntary) Systems and Components. Non-required protected premises systems and components shall meet the requirements of this Code. Non-required systems and components shall be identified on the record drawings required in
23.3 System Features. The features required for a protected premises fire alarm system shall be documented as a part of the system design and shall be determined in accordance with 23.3.1 through 23.3.3.
23.3.1 Required Systems. Features for required systems shall be based on the requirements of other applicable codes or statutes that have been adopted by the enforcing jurisdiction.
23.3.2 Non-required Systems. The features for a non-required system shall be established by the system designer on the basis of the goals and objectives intended by the system owner.
A.3.3.158 Non-required. There are situations where the applicable building or fire code does not require the installation of a fire alarm system or specific fire alarm system components, but the building owner wants to install a fire alarm system or component to meet site-specific needs or objectives. A building owner always has the option of installing protection that is above the minimum requirements of the Code. It is the intent of the Code that any fire alarm system, or fire alarm system components installed voluntarily by a building owner, meet the requirements of the applicable portions of the Code. However, it is not the intent of the Code that the installation of a non-required fire alarm system, or fire alarm system components, trigger requirements for the installation of additional fire alarm system components or features. For example, the installation of a fire alarm control unit and fire detectors to service a specific area, such as a computer room or flammable liquid storage room, does not trigger a requirement for audible or visible notification appliances, manual fire alarm boxes, or other fire alarm system features in other parts of the building.
  Yours truly,
Non-required is required to meet the code!

            Advise your client to always reach out to the AHJ first.  As you know NYC will not allow shared Burg / FA panels.  FA panels must be listed by NYC (MEA/BSA/COA).  Even though the installation is deemed voluntary, most if not all AHJ’s require some kind of filing, compliance and inspection acceptance. 
Jeffrey Siegel, AET

Director, Life Safety Systems

Intelli-Tec Security Services, LLC

            Matt isn’t in NYC and most alarm companies aren’t either.  However, the information may be relevant in many other jurisdictions.  Thanks for sharing your expertise.
            The near unanimous consensus is that you don’t use a non-rated fire panel for fire alarm components, especially in a commercial installation.  

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