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more on Whats life impact when central station calls wrong first responder
December 14, 2018
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more on Whats life impact when central station calls wrong first responder from December 10, 2018 article
            The ideal alarm company Trifecta is:
1.       Properly established corporate or LLC entity to protect your personal assets.  I would seek out an accountant and attorney to explore the options.   This is not something where one size fits all.   Something like do it yourself surgery.
2.       The right insurance to cover legal expenses for when (not if) you are one the receiving end of a summons and complaint.   You must answer the charges or suffer default judgement, this answer costs $$$$$.  Insurance will help to pay these costs, after your deductible is satisfied.
3.       The right (Kirschenbaum) contracts to provide the first line of protection.  If you have a properly written contract, then items 1 & 2 are usually less important.   Without a contract, you might as well use a bulls-eye and your company logo. 
             A good resource for all of the above is The ALARM EXCHANGE. 
 Happy Holiday to all
 Joseph Hayes
            Interpretation of "accepted practice" : The unions are in bed with the politicians.
Reliable Alarm
            Having had prior experience installing NYC fire alarms, including at least one class E system, I totally agree with “looking from the inside”. NYC fire is a complex array of trades and regulations. I don’t recommend that any alarm (only) firm undertake the task and risk.
            In my opinion, the alarm, law as it stands, should be changed in a different way. That would be to eliminate electricians from automatically qualifying for an alarm license. While an electrician certainly knows how to run wires and conduit, most know little if anything about properly protecting any premises. Designing, planning, and Installing a security system involves knowledge and skills aside from simple wiring. The law is supposed to protect the public from firms that don’t know what they are doing. The law should at least require an electrician to pass the basic course which is an introduction to alarm installations. Some electrical contractors do know how to protect a premises, but sadly they are in the minority.  In addition, the number of unlicensed firms installing video and other security systems is out of control. I don’t know of any way to report them, unless you had work done by one.
            Just my two cents.
Mitch Cohen
            Mitch makes a good point.  What experience would an electrician have that qualifies him for engage in alarm and security work?  Probably none.  Electricians focus on 110v and the alarm industry, for the most part, plugs its systems into an outlet unless the system is entirely wireless powered by batteries.  The Internet router that the wireless system connects with is not installed by alarm companies typically.  The only direct connect to 110v would be the fire alarm panel which is hard wired in commercial systems.  We can agree that an electrician should make that hook-up, and a licensed alarm company should be permitted to subcontract that service to an electrician.  Because of that hook-up NYC requires that only electrician install fire alarm systems.  The reality is that electricians don't know how to install fire alarm system and those installations are done by licensed alarm companies specializing in commercial fire, some of whom employ electricians.  But the requirements in NYC are rather unique, and sure, NYC is a densely populated city and fire control is essential for life and property.  But NYC isn't the only city to fit that description.  Maybe Gene has it right.


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