More On Use Of Non-Supervised -Dumb - Auxiliary Power Supplies -October 15, 2015

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    RE: comments on use of non-supervised -dumb - auxiliary power supplies October 6, 2015
    In response to Mitch Cohen in regarding building a "true load timer test":  You're out of your mind building your own equipment for alarm systems.  Those days are gone for good.  Welcome to the new era of litigation for anything that goes wrong.  I don't think the All-in-One contract covers you for homemade remedies.  Stick with something that is manufactured (and listed) for use in alarm systems, and stop with the Mickey Mousing with homemade remedies.  You don't need the liability.
Dan Zeloof
    Power... The other components no one has yet mentioned
    Time to open Pandora's Box !
    Lots of Comments on supervised power supplies, although no one with scientific data or recognized authority has yet commented on the perhaps more important RECHARGEABLE BATTERY component itself.
    Trickle charging and switched power supplies supervised or non supervised have a tremendous challenge. That challenge is to cause acceptable charging performance with most any battery manufacturer.   I'm no authority, except we have purchased and deployed over 100,000 sealed rechargeable batteries over the past 40 years of our business, God only knows which batteries are going to perform when called upon to do so in real life demand conditions.
    Some things I heard from various sources:

  • Most all batteries earmarked for "Alarm" use are imported with no real standards other than what's printed on the battery case.  Anything goes with the print on the battery case.  
  • I assume responsible panel makers, power supply manufacturers have tested their power products with a variety of suppliers battery products.  
  • I've been told that batteries vary tremendously from batch to batch.

    How does our industry really supervise what level/batch of quality comes next?  This is a self policed process I assume by the importers in USA.  I have questioned representatives from many major brands of sealed rechargeable, I conveyed that I desire to purchase better more expensive product..... Their reply and comments were " it is what it is" and offered very little options.
    It is those initial OEM manufacturers that are in question .  Many in the past have changed battery chemistry, employ short cuts, use inferior or improper component materials etc.  All to hit our industries perhaps perceived price point costs to perhaps dump upon the publics life safety systems .
    I know of one import battery manufacture that rejected a container load of SLA batteries and the OEM supplier offered to take those rejected batteries back to "Reprint" any spec on the batteries they wanted, I suppose to ship back and unload the inferior product.  I been told by first hand visitors to China with their own eyes that many OEM suppliers manufacture in crude and toxic environments that subject their workers to deplorable conditions.  Who knows what fillers are stuffed into those sealed batteries... Cotton balls ? Rocks ? Lead Paint ?
    The alarm industry, in my opinion, needs to embrace a mission critical priority standard in the use of Ultra High Quality rechargeable batteries.  Supervised Power or not, does not mean a hell of beans without the stability and performance of its back up battery.  I believe end user clients and alarm dealers all over the world would jump for joy and pay more for a better charging system including "Best Battery Technology.
    Someone with knowledge please comment.
    Pandora's Box is now been "Opened"!
TESLA Please help us all be better and make us a battery and appropriate "Supervised" charging products.
Keith Fisher

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