Check with Videofied, now part of Honeywell.  It has been making systems which work outdoors as well as indoors, including their famous MotionViewer, which is a combination motion detector / camera.  When motion is detected in the field of view of the camera the camera activates and takes a clip and sends it to the central station. The unit is fully battery powered, so can work at construction sites and also in empty buildings, etc. 
    They have been doing this for over 10 years.
Gary Dawkins
    Regarding “self-contained box alarms”,  Videofied has been making box alarms for years if that means a self-contained battery-powered autonomous security system that is professionally monitored with an RMR stream for the dealer.  No cords, no wires, no power – no problem.  The batteries last for years and all that is needed is a cell tower to send an actual video alarm to the central station for review/dispatch and police response.  In addition, Videofied works both indoors and outdoors and the battery-powered MotionViewers can be up to 1,000 feet from the battery-powered panel.  Box alarms were intended to be simple and Videofied is a simple solution that still fits the dealer’s business model with monthly revenue.
    Looking to the future, the next-generation “box alarm” would probably be the DragonFly Security System – a DIY solution that is still professionally monitored and still delivers an RMR stream to the dealer.  All the dealer needs to do is to promote their DragonFly website and they collect the lion’s share of the monthly monitoring subscription – and they don’t have to touch inventory, provide tech support, train their existing sales or tech teams. DragonFly is a DIY “business-in-a-box” for the alarm dealer to make money selling next generation box alarms on the web.  It is incremental revenue in new markets that are “out of scope” for a traditional professionally installed alarm system.  I recommend that dealers join a DragonFly program from one of our Central Station partners to create another source of revenue without impacting their current alarm business.  DragonFly is targeting Millennials with a simple, powerful battery-powered monitored video solution that is the modern descendant of the old box alarms of yesteryear.
Keith Jentoft
Integration Team
RSI is now part of Honeywell
Honeywell | Security and Fire
Vadnais Heights, MN  55110
Office: +1.651.855.7802
    I was introduced to the Box Alarm when a property management company wanted to use it for alarming vacant homes with no utility service.  That was perhaps 10 years ago or more.  That Box Alarm didn't have video; but did send a cellular alarm signal to the central station.  Last year I was asked to create a contract for the Mobile Surveillance Unit for larger commercial application.  This alarm box was too large to be carried into an abandoned living room; it is put on a small vehicle trailer and transported to the job site.  Though the job site may have electric the MSU is equipped with battery or solar power.  It is motion activated or can be active 24/7.  It can send video clips or provide real time live video which is monitored by the subscriber's on or off site personnel, or professionally monitored at a central station. With today's technology it is also easy enough to send the signals directly to the subscriber's Internet connected device [a smart phone].  
    I don't know if the above described alarm box is manufactured and offered commercially or designed and built by the dealer to meet specific subscriber needs.  In any event, we've got the Mobile Surveillance Agreement that you need when using the original Alarm Box or the commercial mobile surveillance system.
    I see why Keith transition into DragonFly.  The Alarm Box and MSU is essentially dropped on site and monitoring begins.  DragonFly is a DIY system offering the latest bells and whistles technology.  Though it's designed as DIY for the subscriber, no reason you can't offer it and install it.  The DragonFly program, offered through dealer programs makes it easy to get involved.  Pretty much risk free with no down side.  The DragonFly program I am most familiar with is Bart Didden's Security Dealer Network - SDN.  To find out more about DragonFly contact Joyce Rosito, National Account Manager, at Joyce.rosito@usacs.net or call 866-963-1876  www.sdndragonfly.com

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WEBINARS:  PERS:  Personal Emergency Response Service  / Medical Alert:   Everything you need to know and do to get started with PERS or grow your PERS business to a nationwide operation.  Presented by a leading PERS manufacturer, a central station specializing in PERS monitoring, atttoneys who will address licensing and contract issues and telemarketing issues.  Sign up for each webinar separately.  These webinars are FREE.  You need to register in advance to reserve your spot [attendance is limited] and sign in a few minutes before each presentation.
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Presented by:  Ritch Haselden, Vice President of Essence-USA.  www.essence-usa.com
Topic:  latest technology in PERS equipment.  Essence, a leading provider of IoT, cloud-based connected living solutions and PERS solutions provides theCare@Home™ Enhanced Telecare Services Platform.  The Care@Home product is An Aging-in-Place product suite that offers a seamless health monitoring experience allowing independence for seniors and peace of mind to their loved ones.
Q&A:  Send your questions in advance to ritchha@essence-usa.com
Title:  How to Select a PERS Monitoring Center
Date and time:  July  20, 2016  12 noon to 1 PM
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Presented by:  Mike Zydor, Managing Director of Affiliated Monitoring www.affiliated.com
Topic:  Selecting the right monitoring center for your PERS business is a key to growth
Q&A:  Send your questions in advance to Mike Zydor at sales@affiliated.com
Title:  Licensing and Contracting for your nationwide PERS operation
Date and time:  July  27, 2016  12 noon to 1 PM
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Presented by:  Licensing by Nicoletta Lakatos, Esq., licensing counsel at Kirschenbaum & Kirschenbaum; Nationwide PERS Agreement by Jesse Kirschenbaum,Esq., contract counsel at Kirschenbaum & Kirschenbaum.  Moderator: Ken Kirschenbaum
Topic:  Licensing for nationwide PERS.  Agreement needed for nationwide PERS
Q&A:  Send your questions in advance, for licensing to Nicoletta Lakatos at NLakatos@KirschenbaumEsq.com and for contract questions to Jesse Kirschenbaum at Jesse@KirschenbaumEsq.com
Title:  Telemarketing nationwide 
Date and time:  August 3, 2016  12 noon to 1 PM
Place:  your computer
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Presented by:  Matthew Pitts, Director of Legal Compliance, Alliance Security, Rhode Island.
Topic:  state telemarketing licensing; Federal and State Do-Not-Call compliance and call scrubbing; current legislation including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Telephone Sales Rule (TSR); vicarious liability and the use of sales affiliates; recent litigation trends. 
Q&A:  Send your questions in advance to mpitts@alliancesecurity.com