More On SimpliSafe / New Hosted PBX Phone Contracts Now Available 
NOTICE:  New Standard Form VoIP Telephone - Hosted PBX Service contracts now available. These contracts are for the sale [or lease] of VoIP telephones and Hosted PBX Service.  You make your money on the installation [or lease] and RMR on the over-ride for the hosted PBX service and on the repair services.  The VoIP Telephone - Hosted PBX Service contracts are available for commercial and residential and both forms are available for the sale or lease of the telephone equipment.  Designed to be used with MongoTel Inc PBX Hosted service.  Become a MongoTel Dealer by clicking here: https://mongotel.com/installer_program.php. Get the new PBX Hosted contracts here:  www.alarmcontracts.com in the Telephone Category.  MongoTel is listed on The Alarm Exchange under Technology and Services that increase or preserve your RMR.

                 The Standard Form VoIP Telephone - Hosted PBX Service contracts are currently available only for hosted PBX service.  For those of you who provide On Premises IP PBX Service you will need to order a customized contract since unfortunately the Hosted PBX Service contracts cannot be used for both.  If you are interested in having customized Telephone PBX Service contracts prepared for your company's specific needs and location contact Jesse Kirschenbaum, Esq. at (516) 747-6700 ext. 317 or Jesse@Kirschenbaumesq.com
    I saw ad in Popular Science for SimpliSafe. 
    What irritated me the most about the ad in Popular Science (and other magazines?) was not the criticism of long term contracts, but the head line itself – “There is something TERRIBLY WRONG with the Home Security Industry”.   Oh contraire, there is something TERRIBLY WRONG with this somewhat unethical approach to trashing the very industry they are trying to infiltrate!  The hyperbolic statements like “Most alarm companies take advantage of people who want to feel safe” and “...full of nasty print.  It’s pretty sickening really...” are simply not true.  While they are entitled to their opinions, this hyperbolic Trump-like character-bashing of the respectable companies in the alarm industry is just out of line.  I’ve been in the alarm industry for 39 years, about half of that running a UL Central Station, and the alarm companies and dealers I’ve dealt with across the country have been professional, respectable and operating with integrity.  I would not attach those three adjectives to SimpliSafe.
Jeff Martin, PSP
Paragon Monitoring Center
    Lots of your valuable Newsletter space has been dedicated to the moaning, groaning, tears, bitching about SimpliSafe. Isn’t this the land of capitalism?? Why not let the market, customer decide the right features, functions, benefits, pricing. Maybe we can learn some valuable stuff from their success and failures?  Or if it is really, really wrong, we have an abundance of legal resources to make it right.  Call SimpliSafe directly, call your attorney, not the newsletter. Note, I also had a bitch with SimpliSafe deceptive advertizing shortly after they started, when they were touting their invention of wireless technologies.  We brought some facts to their attention, and they quickly stopped those ads.
Lee Jones
Support Services Group 
    Paragon Monitoring Center is listed on The Alarm Exchange under the central station category.  Jeff, thanks for contributing, even if you did bash Trump.  
    What the public should understand is that alarm companies provide their equipment and services at very discounted rates, making the service affordable, and count on the term of the agreement to recoup their profit.  I can't think of any contractor, residential or commercial oriented, that doesn't mark up every job to realize the profit upon installation.  Try getting an electronic or appliance store to sell you equipment at or below cost with the hope or expectation of selling you an extended warranty or service plan, which you may or may not purchase.  
    This is the way the industry evolved and I don't think SimpliSafe is going to change it.  ADT has offered severely discounted systems for a long time, though the monitoing charge is high compared to customary rates when the subscriber pays for the installation and equipment.  It will be interesting to see how the DIY market changes the industry and puts pressure on professionally installed, serviced and monitored accounts.  Already we have DIY monitoring on smart phones competing with professional monitoring and DIY competing with professionally installed systems.