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more on SARRG E&O insurance
February 26 , 2018
more on SARRG E&O insurance
    I am at the ESA Leadership Conference in Savannah, GA this week. I am meeting with a lot of our SARRG customers and some that even have open claims. I received the following email from Crystal Jacobs who is here giving quotes on the spot and selling new policies. I think this email might be interesting for your readers, as this dealer recognized not only the best contract source[you] but the best insurance program that has their back [Sarrg]!
    The dealer wrote to his insurance agent:
    "I would also like to get pricing from Security America Risk Retention Group if you can help with that please. I’ve read bad things about Hartford when it comes to fighting for alarm contractors since they don’t necessarily have an alarm “program” that best protects the alarm industry and don’t understand the industry. We are members with the Electronic Security Association (ESA) and I know SARRG offers discounts for those members as well as dealers that use Kirschenbaum & Kirschenbaum agreements.
I want to make sure if a claim was to ever come up that we have the best insurance company in the industry behind us and not one that will just give up and offer a settlement."
    I want to remind everyone that all new SARRG policies are "A" Rated by A.M. Best. Also, an alarm company does not have to belong to ESA to get the SARRG insurance.
    SARRG does recognize the value of the Kirschenbaum Contracts and does give a discount to applicants who use the current Kirschenbaum contract forms.
    Call Security America at 866-315-3838 or email us at
Bart A. Didden, Executive Claims Manager
Security America Risk Retention Group - SARRG
Security America Risk Purchasing Group LLC - SARPG
    You can't be [or shouldn't be] in the alarm / fire / security business without E&O insurance coverage.  When selecting a carrier you should consider the end game, not just the price of the ticket.  Trust me, when your claim comes in, and it will eventually, the cost of your insurance will be the last thing on your mind.  Here's what will  be on your mind, and it might be on your mind all night long:

  • why hasn't my carrier acknowledged the claim I sent in

  • why hasn't my carrier called me to assist with all the questions and issues that I have

  • why is my carrier refusing to offer any assistance just because a lawsuit hasn't started yet

  • why doesn't my claims representative know the first thing about the alarm industry

  • why doesn't did my insurance company select defense attorneys without consulting me

  • why did my defense attorneys offer no guidance

  • why do my defense attorneys know nothing about the alarm industry or how to defend an alarm case

  • why is my carrier and defense counsel telling me that they would prefer paying the claim rather than defending it, ESPECIALLY IF THE CLAIM CAN BE SETTLED WITHIN MY DEDUCTIBLE AND I'LL HAVE TO PAY THE CLAIM

  • why didn't I follow Kirschenbaum's advice and check out SARRG?

    It's not too late.  Be sure to update your contracts and take advantage of the discount.


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