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more on protect v detect
June 28, 2019
more on protect v detect from June 25, 2019 article
    With regard to the terms PROTECT AND SERVE as it applies to municipal governments, the police and fire departments DO PROTECT and serve.
  1- They are ON DUTY 24/7
  2- They are actively looking for trouble. (Watching for suspicious persons is a PRO ACTIVE element. Actively patrolling being vigilant for the signs of a crime about to happen or IN PROGRESS.
  3- The fire service in addition to rushing in when others are rushing out to quell an emergency the fire service also has a PRO ACTIVE ELEMENT.
  4- Fire safety inspections
  5 - Fire investigation to determine the CAUSE and take steps to prevent similar occurrences.
  6- Fire inspections to prevent a fire from starting.
  7- Inspect to make sure life safety systems are installed and working properly.
    So in my outside the box thinking I feel that besides having immunity by statute I believe the police and fire service does actively protect, unlike the alarm company that installs a system and says IT WILL PROTECT YOU when we know it will only DETECT AN EVENT not PREVENT. If it fails to work, call and we will fix it.
    As I have said before I am an electrician not a lawyer so I defer to YOUR expertise (And maybe Jeffery Z?) to pick this apart......
  From deep in hiding,
Joel Kent
    Great points. I should have noted that in addition to pointing out the governmental immunity.
what about existing yard signs
    What do we do if we have promotional materials like yard signs that say protected. Obviously, the next signs ordered will not say protected, but what about all the others. Should we start using that clause you suggested in your newsletter in our contracts? “for purposes of this agreement and all Company promotional material, the word “protection” or any variation thereof, shall mean “detect” or any variation thereof.”
Christine Schwartz
California Safety Company, Inc
    Since the word "protect" appears only once in the Standard Form Agreement All in One, in the Limited Warranty provision, I don't think it necessary for that reason alone to change the contracts. However, because "protect" and its variations appear in alarm company names, promotional material, yard signs, decals, website and advertising, I do think it's a good idea to include " “for purposes of this agreement and all Company promotional material, the word “protection” or any variation thereof, shall mean “detect” or any variation thereof.” That sentence or something like it will be in the 2020 updates. 
    Regarding existing yard signs. I don't think this issue rises to the level of panic just yet. Leave the yard signs and when you order new ones eliminate "protect" and variations. 

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