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more on Protect America's hit list /  is E&O carrier over charging after audit
April 26, 2017
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Title: All You Need to Know Before You Add DIY to Your Business
Title: All You Need to know about getting NICET certified
more on Protect America's hit list
    We enjoyed your hit list newsletter this week and have a found a serious problem in ProtectAmerica's marketing against ADT and other companies.  The issue is that ProtectAmerica gets these 'top' rankings by paying
off web site publishers with big affiliate payments ($300 per new customer).
    We wrote a post explaining it here
     think your newsletter readers would find it interesting.
John Honovich
    There is article on the IPVM website.  It's worth taking a look at, especially if you made the "hit list".  If you haven't checked your company name yet, you should.  
    The IPVM articles starts as follows, but has too many graphs and pictures from me to reproduce here.  
    "Beware The "Hit List" Ranking.  Author: John Honovich, Published on Apr 21, 2017
    The hit list.  Kirschenbaum's recent newsletter complained about a 'hit list', bemoaning how a company took aim at ADT.
    Alas, that's the Google racket. When someone searches for a term (like 'ADT'), Google will gladly sell numerous ads for anyone, including competitors, above the company's own website. Indeed, the company will then have to pay to prevent their competitors from being listed higher than them (which, e.g., ADT does).
    But perhaps even a bigger scam comes in the rankings that this 'hit list' uses: ....."
is E&O carrier over charging after audit
    I have a question for the insurance industry contributors I’m hoping you’ll add to your newsletter.  
    We recently renewed our Liability insurance package.  The companies in the past have offered two different ways of pricing their product to us for the yearly premium.  

  • The first was on total sales of the company. 
  • The second option on total payroll with an add-in for subcontractors.  

    In their recent audit of our company they decided they wanted to include our central station costs under a sub-contractor and sent us a bill for an additional $3,000 (We pay a lot of money to the central station for our accounts).  I am curious if you and others view the central station industry as a true sub-contractor or just a service like an answering service and should  be considered in the overall liability policy especially since they carry their own insurance and we feel the insurance industry is looking for a way to double dip…?
    Yours for better security,
    Checking to see how an E&O carrier computes its premium could end up being an important consideration.  Total revenue or total payroll could produce a different premium.  If payroll, it's not fair to include the total central station charges because not all of those charges can be attributable to payroll for labor.  I do think that a central station is a subcontractor, but the central station's payroll can't be equated with a subcontractor you might hire who has several employees allocated to your work.  How would the carrier calculate the subcontractor's end of the insurance, by what you pay the subcontractor or what the subcontractor pays its employees assigned to your work.  If your premium is based on your payroll then why would it include gross payments to subcontractors or central stations?

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Title: All You Need to Know Before You Add DIY to Your Business
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Title: All You Need to know about getting NICET certified
When: May 23,  2017 noon EST
Where: Your computer for power point, live video and call in on computer or phone
What will be covered:  Why you should get NICET certified and how to do it
Who should attend: Alarm company owners with technical skills, technicians
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