I buy the Honeywell vista control panels like 15p and 20p from ADI and also the GSM cellular communicators gsmx4g and the first lite version fire alarm communicator. I have not been asked to sign any contracts like this in your email. Does this apply to me? 
    I have noticed a lot of notices from Honeywell stating that certain products can fail if it does not get a software update like the UL fire alarm communicators and the standard gsmx4g units. Does Honeywell know something they might be afraid to admit? 
    Just a few weeks ago I was told by a Hikvision tech that there is a bug in the software for their 7200 series deck. The problem is that although the deck shows it is recording it won't record camera 6 connected to it. The deck needs a software update. No notice was sent out and ADI knew nothing about it.
    I don't remember a time when so many products came out that left the factory with so many issues that cause failures that can get a dealer in so much trouble. Just my two cents but, I think the quality of engineers designing these devices has been on a steady state of decline. Prefer to be 
    If you're not signed up as a Honeywell dealer then you haven't agreed to indemnify Honeywell.  One main difference between Honeywell and DMP is that you can't buy DMP products unless you are a DMP dealer and buy direct from DMP.  
    I don't get product notices from Honeywell or anyone else, but if Honeywell is letting dealers know that products have issues and need updates then that's the responsible thing to do.  I am not aware of the specific issues you raise; perhaps others can help with a response.
    I think the several articles on DMP and other manufacturers are important and have helped dealers focus on the fact that they too have to sign agreements.  Don't be foolish and sign agreements you haven't read or don't understand, and don't be too quick to sign agreements you don't like.  Usually there is a competitor out there with less onerous terms or more willing to work with your issues.  You don't have to feel like a schmuck standing at the counter renting a car at the airport asked to sign your name when they don't even bother to give you the contract form.  They don't want you throwing up in the car.