Sounds like John in NJ should be pissed off at Microsoft. Lessons should have been learned to not jump on every Microsoft upgrade and think about how many poor operating systems have they put out and this one is FREE. If it was any good they would charge for it. Sue Microsoft John. Good luck.
Chris in North Carolina
    In response to the Honeywell complaints, there is an issue with their Lynx 5100 Touch Controls where the touch screens are failing. Honeywell has told us that they are aware of the problem. The units must be sent off for repair leaving the customer or the dealer footing the bill. A security system that is only three years old should not be failing. We stopped using Honeywell products. 
Bruce Wrenn
Sentry Watch
Roxboro, NC
    Still haven't heard from Honeywell regarding its willingness to compensate dealers for failing and recalled equipment.  Anyone having any luck with that directly?
License Qualifier And Employee
    I emailed you awhile ago about the contract to be a qualifer for my employer. It appears that they want to go forward now. They are asking what is involved. I am currently the qualifier for my own side company, which I am going to close down. How do I change my license to qualifify my employers business? The change of info form does not appear to allow this. It looks like I have to fill out a new alarm application form and submit all my information again. Is this correct?
    Thank you in advance for your help and thank you for providing so much useful information on the alarm exchange. It truly is an invaluable source of information.
Thank you,
    Every state that has licensing has its own licensing requirements and procedures.  Our attorneys who are in our Licensing Department are able to assist you.  Contact Nicoletta Lakatos, Esq 516 747 6700 x 311 NLakatos@Kirschenbaumesq,com or Jesse Kirschenbaum,Esq at 516 747 6700 x 307 Jesse@Kirschenbaumesq.com.  The Qualifier Agreement is $1500.00 and you call Nicoletta to get it.  The Employment Agreement is one of our Standard Agreements and you get it on line at https://www.kirschenbaumesq.com/page/alarm-contract
    More than likely you are required to submit a new application, and of course pay a new application fee.  You will be submitting that application requesting that the license issue to your employer's company.
    Before you do that I suggest that you insist that your employer engage our firm to prepare a Qualifier Agreement.  In your situation, because you are also an employee of the company, your employer should also obtain our Employment Agreement.  You should have both forms and so should your employer.
    The Qualifier Agreement will address several issues, among them:

  • your base compensation
  • your duties
  • your limits of responsibility
  • company's duties
  • company's limits of responsibility
  • hourly compensation related to license work
  • termination of agreement
  • non compete
  • confidentiality

    The Employment Agreement will address several issues, among them:

  • your job title and duties
  • your compensation
  • your benefits
  • term of agreement
  • non compete
  • confidentiality

    Holding the license for a company you don't own and working without an employment agreement is like leaving for work in the morning naked.  Try it and see how it works out.