This is for John from NJ.  (Brandt Phillips, enjoy)  (Dan too)
     Sorry Ken, but someone had to bring up the subject of little robbie of "little L.A. fame."  So however you show this message (or not), or merely pass it on is fine with me.  Why he thinks Phoenix AZ  is the center of the security world is beyond me, particularly alarm items.
    When I had my alarm company in Los Angeles I always made sure the consumer/customer filled out a Police Permit and kept it on file for myself.  I also sold armed private response so we didn't rely on the PD.  At that time I used the best equipment available to minimize problems, but of course on occasion things would cause a "false."
    John, I feel your pain with this guy. I have been watching the emails as he writes them and finally needed to both agree with you and say that (we) have walked in the shoes of this industry, and well, for me at least have come those "McCullough" times, so I can say I know where I have come from and can see where we are headed to, and think you do too.  Man, that set me off!  I came from a time just as magnetic contacts were introduced, just as ultrasonic had become the hot detection item, and the first IR detectors too…but I digress!
    He's obviously a legend in his own mind, as Clint Eastwood would say, and unfortunately he still doesn't know his limitations.
    If I said I have met 100's of fine folk in this industry for well, over 45 years, every once in a while we run across one like this guy who thinks the world revolves around him as a security expert.  Just think, John, he takes a dozen courses (that I have taught) at many CEU classes for the hardware industry at ISC and vendor shows.  I too have a background in Graded systems (UL installations), DOD 53-1 SCIF, Access control w/ BOMA, AHJ, and lots of Fire for many years (again, with due respect to Mr. Zwirn).  BUT THAT's NOT THE FOCUS HERE, merely that "little L.A." isn't the expert he purports to be.
    This guy has attended probably at least a dozen courses, rubbed shoulders with some "legends" and thinks he can tell you what is good for the industry.  John, you don't need to be chasing off to PHX to learn anything, although you might come to my part of the country, Las Vegas, for the ISC!  Besides, I'd love to meet you and trade stories!!
    Now, I have to admit I don't know Mr. Black Bart, but from my perspective he's definitely not in the same league as Mr. Zwirn (sorry Mr. Zwirn to implicate you!) as I researched him on our wonderful web.
    Finally, he needs to either shut-up or tell us how he actually did something that eliminated the fines and fees associated with the false alarms by telling us he and the offending company did things like attending an industry seminar or something that showed concern that it is important to keep these issues to a minimum.
    Here's an example outside our industry:
    California is in a severe water drought.  Recently, a city discovered that some residential users used more than they should.  They arranged to bring them into an 8 hour course and when finished, exculpate the fees for the overages.  Smart?  Sure!  Everyone is happy and learned a lesson.
    Well, that's my 2 cents…
    Thanks John,……and Brandt, and Dan!  Love to hear from you "Industry" guys…cop, not so much.  Don't get me wrong cop, I got your back for all the problems that have been going on out there recently and support all of them.  Just don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining.
    We made this sales training video for our annual company meeting.
Lou Sepulveda wasn't available, so we went straight to the top...Jimmy Steinberg.
    Jimmy knows sales.
    Despite the enormous cost and obvious value of this video, you are authorized to share for the benefit of the industry. That's how we roll.   NOTE:  This link is safe, no virus, and takes you to a site to watch a video of a sleezy trunk slamming alarm salesman.  You can click through the video ad.  It's kind of funny but I'd really like to hear what Mr Kleinman thinks. [my own inside joke].


Jim Long, V. P. Operations
Security Service Company