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more on central station operations and the future
February 3, 2018
more on central station operations and the future - comments on the January 22, 2018 article
    I thank Morgan Hertel of Rapid Response for his insights expressed in this January 22, 2018 comments.   While there are common industry concerns (like signaling), Morgan correctly notes a need for a holistic understanding of how to maximize up-time. SGS chose to partner with stages customers because of the simple truth - they are equipped to do a better job than SGS (or any cloud platform provider – including manufacturers).
    The stages platform certainly takes a different approach that begins with an exceptional focus on reliability and concludes with tools for professional management unavailable from any other software vendor. I encourage comparison of the choices available from any other vendor. Nonetheless, tools need implementation and support to be valuable.
    Three points to highlight the issues:

  • Data Management - stages has exceptional tools which allow wholesale stations, with 100,000s of accounts, to hone best practices for data entry and dispatch. Wholesale central stations share best practices with you that will deliver excellent improvement in operations and customer satisfaction. 

  • Layers of Redundancy - All SGS customers have at least 4 database servers and dual locations.  Want more?  Award winning local systems can be provided for independence and risk management (nextStage™) and work in combination with the servers at the redundant locations in real-time.

  • Staffing - Business demands require professional staff for training, field equipment testing, integration, technology and development (to name just a few). stages customers will reduce and/or supplement your resources worth thousands of dollars every month.

    SGS understood from inception, the real secret sauce comes from our customers breadth and depth.  Maximizing up-time starts with a wealth of experience, is supplemented with fit-for-purpose technology, and managed with a depth of professional staff.  Rapid Response - and all SGS customers - provide the combination of resources to deliver best-in-class service outcomes.  Thanks Morgan for your passion!  
    And Ken's comments in his Response in the January 22, 2018 article are right on!  Manufacturers have been staking out simple services to deliver that can be executed without investment in people.  Expect more of the same for video and IoT. 
    What the monitoring industry needs is creating a compelling value by expanding service concepts.  Expect that 50% of wholesale recurring revenue in 2023 (5 years hence) will come from sources that are nascent today. 
Hank Goldberg
SGS Stages


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