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more competition from DIY - taking over your system
November 28, 2017
more competition from DIY - taking over your system
    I've encouraged traditional alarm companies to use DIY equipment and systems, offering these systems to their subscribers who don't want to pay for hard wired professionally installed alarm-security-fire systems.      There is plenty of resistance, much of it because the DIY equipment is not considered as reliable as the professionally installed systems.  That's probably true, but you do need to be in position to offer and deliver what the customer is willing to pay for.
    Now comes a DIY panel that threatens to take over your entire alarm system and offer self monitoring with no RMR.  Check out the Konnected Alarm Panel on the Kickstarter website.   This site is apparently for new start up operations and if enough interest is shown in the project it gets "funded".  [].      According to the website it replaces your old panel and turns the wired system into a wireless system permitting you to get notificiation and also to remotely access to arm and disarm the system.  
    The website makes a number of interesting claims
  • millions of homes are built pre-wired
  • most systems are outdated
  • customers have to pay up to $100 a month to use the system
  • many homeowners rarely use the alarm system because they are inconvenient, ineffective or too expensive to maintain
    The product is a new panel that replaces the old panel.  There are several models ranging in price from under $100 to over $300.  While the product is touted as something a homeowner can install in less than one hour, the company does offer consultation and even installation, for more money of course, and only in central Florida.
    I asked a seasoned traditional alarm owner what he thought about the product and his response is below.  The product was brought to my attention by Scott Goldfine of SSI who wondered about the potential liability that this new start up company faced.  It's an interesting concern because the company is encouraging the subscriber to replace the existing panel by DIY.  That process is going to be well beyond the capability of all but the most mechanical subscribers.  Also the "outdated" devices are not being replaced, only the panel.
    Seems to me that this product is going to cause lots of confusion and probably result in many alarm systems being disabled.  Probably will create some service work for most of you.  Subscribers under monitoring contacts will also find that they are in breach if they stop paying the monthly charge.  
    Here is what Wayne had to say
    This is nothing more than a substitute alarm panel. I don't think this will catch on as it requires the end user to remove the old panel and move the wiring over to the new panel properly which is way beyond the ability of the average end user. Also it does not take into account the various end of line resistors that are located out in the field of the job site nor does it address the requirements to deliver power to devices such as motion detectors, audio sensors, shock sensors etc.
Its a good attempt but won't catch on.
Wayne M. Wahrsager

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