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more comments on Telguard cell radios / see below for Response from Telguard - April 28, 2012



I have few more comments on Telguard cell radios

I am in NY/ NJ area, many many cell towers around. I, too, stumbled upon system wide network failure about two times when I called in when I was doing work, who knows if there weren’t many many more failures (when I did not call in or did not work on radios)....I asked them directly, does that mean that all of my TG radios are not communicating right now even if there is burglary or fire trying to be reported? The answer was “yes, they are all dead, for now, but later they will be operational”, so there you go.

I installed probably about 150 of Telguard TG-1 and TG-4 cell radios for another 3rd party Monitoring co. and eventually started to receive service calls with fail to communicate problems, same issue as with your TG-7 units. I called Teller company and asked what in the world is happening, I many times I had full signal strength and yet I am receiving these fail to communicate service calls.

What I was told is that they had an update for TG-1 and TG-4 and they must upload firmware update over the air and that will correct the problem. You should have fair signal strength in order for the radio to take the update. All the radios that were updated from Telular over the air did the trick and stopped having fail to communicate issues, but these were TG-1 and TG-4 radios, you should check if your TG-7 can be updated, that will resolve your problems. What that firmware does is it reboots radio I think everyday.

I called 800 and pressed 9 ( for tech support) and spoke with tech and asked him/her for radio update ( or if there are any available updates for the radio), you must tell them that your radio is constantly dropping off network and you need the firmware update, they should do it for you.





The alarm co that started this issue has resolved its issue with Telguard. See below





Just recently I wrote about a major problem I was having with the Telguard TG-7,and quite frankly I didn't think anyone at Telguard cared. .Boy, was I wrong. They not only fixed the problems I was having but assigned an engineer to my case. This renews my faith in some manufacturers.These guys really do care.

Kind Regards,

Johnny Richards,




Response from Telguard



I wanted your list's readers to have the opportunity to hear from Telular directly in response to the issues mentioned regarding the TG-7FS. I won't try to address every comment, but I stress that we remain dealer focused and offer all our email addresses so you can reach us easily:; and In reality, the first step is to work with your sales contact. They are able to work with most reasonable requests. You can find their information here:

Some of you may know that we have recently migrated all our products to operate on 3G/4G networks and fall back to 2G (GSM) if a faster network isn't available. This is in preparation of the 2G Sunset ( As part of this migration the TG-7FS was recently released based on a faster radio. I can't stress how much more stable the cellular carrier's 3G/4G network infrastructure is--and, more importantly, the devices that rely on it, like the TG-7FS. Furthermore, we listened to the feature requests of the adopters of the 2G-based TG-7FS as we developed the 3G-based TG-7FS. We have worked to add new features that improve the product's general robustness and we are very satisfied with the result.

I hope this list's readers will contact us directly with their specific concerns. We look forward to personally assisting them.


Shawn Welsh, VP, Marketing and Business Development


Office: (678) 264-2004

Mobile: (678) 654-1015




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