More Comments On Honeywell Recall - October 16, 2015
    Honeywell, being the “800 pound gorilla” should offer some sort of compensation or rebate in good faith to help recover some of the cost of replacing their bad boards.  I agree that it is highly uncommon or even unheard of for a manufacturer to reimburse a dealer for anything.
    I personally had an experience with Avigilon for whom I am a dealer.  I installed 16 mega-pixel mini-dome cameras in a local school several years ago.  After several months the customer started calling and saying that cameras were going out of focus.  To make a long story short, after contacting Avigilon I found that there was a problem with lens mounting assembly on a batch of cameras.  Obviously they replaced all 16 cameras at no charge and in addition they offered me a substantial credit on my next order.  That credit MORE than covered my labor to return and replace/aim all 16 new mini-dome cameras.
    I would say in this day and age their actions ARE unheard of.  Avigilon stepped up to the plate for me which is one of the many reasons I sell their product, other than of course they offer one of the best NVR, VMS, and camera systems available today at a reasonable cost.  I have turned several other dealers on to Avigilon over the years and they too are thrilled with the product’s performance.
    Kudos to Avigilon for stepping up to the plate and supporting their dealer.
Robert E. Klein
RK Electronic Services
Monroe, CT 
    This is not the first problem with these radios. (See Direct-Wire 152 attached)  In 2013 Honeywell had a "voluntary replacement program"  I am a small local dealer, but at the time I had  125 of these radios.   When the program started Honeywell was offering a 25.00 credit per radio swapped for our troubles, but by the time I found out about it. (When my customer's radios started having problems) they were no longer offering the 25.00.  I took me 9 months to replace these radios (Mostly due to the difficulty of getting customers to return phone calls).  I now have about 200 of these radios in the field (I don't learn). In August I started having problem with a number of these radios, it wasn't till two weeks after I called Honeywell tech support that I was informed about the issue, the poor guy who told me about he issue got an ear full about "How could this be? I just finished replacing all my in January?"  I was told that this time I would not have to swap them because the radios can upgraded in the field. Big Deal!  Its actually quicker to swap them then to upgrade them.  My point to all this is, that if Honeywell was really proactive and wanted to earn the loyalty that many of us have had in the past, rather then making the Radios "Field Upgradable" they would have made then "over-the-air upgradable". This would have allowed dealers to upgrade the firmware without having to send a tech to the site.  All they accomplished with the current scenario is that Honeywell isn't inconvenienced  by having  to ship out new radios. The technology is there, other manufactures are doing it. Maybe its time to consider a change.
    As a side thought... Do you think the Big National companies actually invest the time to upgrade ALL of their customers? Or is it cheaper for them to defend the possible law suits.
No-Name Please    
    I agree that we should be compensated for BOOB's
 In addition we must be compensated for service calls for Honeywell's Fire radios that must be upgraded due to their problems with ATT.
    There are companies that reimburse for call back . I've had he when it was he for bad products and recently in my electrical buss sq d gave us$300. To replace a recalled breaker in an electronic starter.
Tom Sansone Sr.