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more comments on are you licensed to install fire alarm systems 
December 8, 2018
more comments on are you licensed to install fire alarm systems from article on November 28, 2018
            I wish to add to Joel Kent's commentary of November 28, 2018.
            Occupant notification needs to be addressed. On more than one system take over, I found the old fire system had one combination alarm sounder located in the first floor hallway.
            With many bedrooms located on the second floor and kids closing their doors for privacy, the sound level to wake a sleeping person is muted by both distance from the device and intervening doors.
            Add to the problem elderly removing hearing aids prior to sleeping. What good is a fire alarm if it can't be heard? I love it when the client tells me notification is too loud.
P.S. Remember all fire notification devices are required to be LISTED for the purpose.
John W. Yusza,JR
            Here is a response to the posted article dated 11/28/18:
            Unfortunately comments are made at times with little knowledge of history being taken into account.   The NYC Building Code in conjunction with NFPA 72 2010 plus many other factors such as FDNY Bulletins and the NYC Electrical Code dictate on how fire alarm systems are to be installed in NYC.   There are many players as part of the installation process not limited to the fire alarm system vendor, electrical, elevator, HVAC and fire sprinkler contractors plus other depending upon certain situations.     Additionally the architect, professional engineer and expediter are part of the process having to do with the design documents and their filings.   The installations have always been electrical contractors work from the beginning because fire alarm system was high voltage and the installation materials such as threaded rigid piping were required.   That is not something that the alarm industry deals with.   
            With the advent of Local Law # 5 of 1973 open fire alarm wire was now permitted but not prior.   This changed due to low voltage fire alarm system now being available plus the need to retro activity install Voice Evacuation System in existing buildings and an incentive cost wise to do so.   Despite what other have stated, fire alarm systems were never an option for alarm firms to install in NYC.   
            The code clearly states that only a NYC licensed electrical contractor can install a fire alarm system.   Because of the size of the city regardless of what other say, those whole hold a NYS Alarm License cannot do this.   The statement on the alarm industry challenging this will never happen and should not.   It is not just the funding but at least five different associations would never permit this change to happen.   The way it works and has always worked with no problems until now is that the jobs are done as a group effort and everyone gets their piece of the pie.   All of a sudden the alarm industry has found the need to change the rules and attempt to cut out many of the trades (electrical contractor, engineer, expedited) to undercut the price with this fixation on reoccurring revenue even if they lose a lot of money on the installation.   
            So the end results is that the electrical contractors have now in many cases cut out the fire alarm vendor by getting their own fire alarm line of equipment.   So who won?   Prior as things were the alarm industry retained the reoccurring revenue with service and monitoring, now the electrical contractors get it all.   The moral of the story is that greed can sometime have an opposite effect and the status quote need not be changed for all to profit.  
Yours truly, 
Looking out from inside as opposed to those now on the outside looking in
            The above pertains to NYC only.  Despite the clear language of the NY state law that preempts all over licenses for burglar and fire alarms, NYC maintains that only electricians can install fire alarms and only those certified can service and inspect them.  That is the accepted practice, but not the law, in my humble opinion.

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