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more comment on ESA and association participation
May 13, 2019
more comment on ESA and association participation
    In response to Gene at Reliable Alarm: 
    I have been actively involved in the alarm business since 1967 and have seen the NBFAA start up and try to encompass hundreds of independent companies. Tough job! I stayed a member for 15 years and was considered a “Good” member, as long as I paid my fees. I must say that I never gained, or, lost a customer just because I was, or, was not a member of NBFAA.       Which brings me to my point.
    There was a time when you could go to ANY street corner, of ANY city and ask a hundred different people if they knew the phrase, “Help me I have fallen and I can’t get up.” Or, the other question, have you ever heard the phrase, “Where is the beef”? I would venture to say you would get knowledgeable answers to both questions in the range of 85-95 per-cent. 
    Now a third question to any one on any corner “What does NBFFA, or, ESA mean to you?”. After a long blank stare I seriously doubt if you would get a 1 per-cent knowledgeable response. 
    Our industry has exploded since I was a member, however, NBFAA has the same old problem, absolutely no name recognition outside of the industry. The only real criteria is to pay your dues. You say there is a code of ethics that have to be maintained… maybe so, however, if you are a large contributor to this private club, then many things can be overlooked. 
    Several years have passed since I had membership and I doubt I will ever join again. One caveat though if, and when, potential customers start asking us, “Are you a member of NBFAA?,” and we start losing new potential customers because we are not members, I then will beat down your door to join. 
    Where is the beef? It is with the public knowing who and what NBFAA represents. So far, if you’re not in the industry, you have not a clue…it seems NBFAA is not “branding” themselves very well to those outside the “club”.
Ron Irish
    I have to take exception to Genes comments on ESA.
    The ESA (nee NBFAA) has been around to support the small dealer as well as the large companies. ( Who incidentally became large by acquiring the profitable small companies)
Association membership is like an insurance policy. Everybody contributes in the hopes of never needing it.
    In Connecticut the NTS came to our aid when dealing with the State of Ct Board of Education. Michelle, Tracy and their staffs created a program that was acceptable to the State for apprentice education. (Which was an unnecessary battle because the state said NTS was the FINEST LOW VOLTAGE PROGRAM THEY HAD SEEN. The deficiency is that it did not have ENOUGH HOURS~!!!!. Paying no mind to the fact that NTS trained apprentices passed the Ct License test at a rate of 82% first time compared to other providers @ 40%.
   The work of SIAC in combating unfair legislation and knee jerk laws for the purpose of NOT REDUCING UNWANTED DISPATCHES but of MAKING MONEY for the municipality. (Remember Riverside Ca? 900 dispatch numbers? Sandy Spring CO still ongoing.
    We should ALL CONTRIBUTE because we never know when Our livelihood will be affected by government and we call for close air support.........
    So membership in the association doesn't cost. It PAYS... 
From the back of the church, the front of the mob and the middle of the road,
Joel Kent
FBN Security Co LLC

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