You have touched on pot dispensaries previously.  Being in a state where marijuana is illegal for all purposes and having most of our business in state, we did not consider it a "relatable" topic. Well, it is now.  As a third party monitoring station we should have assumed it would come up. 
    One of our dealers has sold and installed an alarm system for a cannabis church. Supposedly the church is legal (the church's lawyer's words). The church will have it's first service this weekend. Nobody is really sure what will happen.  
    I admit we accept your agreements if our dealers use them, however we don't utilize them and neither does this installer. 
    Looking for advice. Should we monitor for this particular customer or not?
Thanks for all the great topics over the years.
    I am not sure what a cannabis church is, but I don't think providing alarm monitoring to this subscriber is going to create any greater or more exposure than any other facility.  The only businesses that seem to be concerned about servicing the pot industry are those that are federally licensed or funded, which I am sure you're not.  
    Aside from the pot issue, you are accepting a monitoring account from an installer who is not using an approved industry agreement [yes, approved by me ..... I can hear those skeptics loud and clear] and you don't have your own agreement to use with this subscriber.  That is poor practice.  And poor may be the correct word since you might be poor once the claims start coming in.  Why would you monitor without an approved contract signed by the subscriber and either the dealer or yourself?  What are you charging, 6 bucks a month?
    As a central station you need a Dealer Agreement with your dealer, and you either need a direct agreement with the subscriber [three party agreement] or you need to see the full copy of the dealer's agreement with the subscriber before you put the account on line.  This should be your strict, non negotiable, policy.