As always, thank you for the daily emails regarding our industry.  I have a new client that has three apartment buildings on one property.  Do I need three separate contracts or can I use one and make the dollar amounts indicate three times as much?  For instance instead of $75/month per building can I just say $225/month for all three? 
    Also does the disclaimer notice apply to fire accounts as well?
    The Standard Form Agreements are designed for single location use, but are easily adaptable for multiple location.  It will take some working in the Rider.  In your case you are doing all 3 buildings on the one contract.  It's really a single job in 3 buildings.  The Commercial All in One is the correct form to you.
    Using a master agreement is a little more sticky when the agreement is intended to cover multiple locations that are assigned time to time.  For example, a fast food chain that intends to assign locations as they open.  Here you will have to have a Rider that adds the location and describes the equipment and cost.  
    The Disclaimer Notice is not used with the Commercial Fire All in One because there are no other options for the subscriber, the system is approved by the AHJ.  The Disclaimer Notice should be used with the Residential All in One and the Commercial All in One.
    I'm reviewing a monitoring agreement from a Central Station. Under the "monitoring service" section, there is a clause that reads as follows...
     "If a premises is located in a jurisdiction which requires a personal verified on-site response prior to dispatch of a first responder, it is Dealers sole responsibility to provide the verified response".
     Just wondering if this is common verbiage for most monitoring agreements. It seems to me, the responsibility to provide a verified response should fall on the customer. Maybe, I'm not understanding the context, but how can a dealer verify an act if they are not there to witness the act? 
     I recently purchased your All in One and I am currently searching for vendors. I am new to this industry and I am quickly learning that it's not for the timid. The verbiage in the Central Station -  vendor agreements is a bit intimidating. I don't feel comfortable signing on until I can better understand my responsibilities and liabilities and how everything fits together with my All in One and my insurance policy. I was wondering if I could inquire about your rates? I would like to have someone review and explain my agreements before I sign. Please let me know how or if I can employ your services in this matter. Thanks, Eric
    This is runner service.  The CS is letting you know that you have to arrange for it.  The Residential All in One provides for Runner Service.  
    Your question raises an important issue, transparency in the Central Station's Dealer Agreement.  The new Standard Dealer Agreement, which is a for the central stations should be using, adds a lot to transparency by putting many of the essential and contentious issues on the front page with a check box.  It helps the dealer understand what's expected.  Several central stations are already using the Dealer Agreement and you can find them on The Alarm Exchange.  I suggest you check them out.  At the very least you will see issues that you should be aware of.  Rest assured that those issues are buried in the form your central station has provided to you.