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marketing advice from Security Guru
September 2, 2017
marketing advice from Security Guru
    You don't get much for free these days, especially good advice [yes, bad advice is plentiful].  So when I read this from Security Guru Bob Maunsell I want to thank him, confirm his advice and re-circulate his message.  Bob is a great resource and his proven marketing skills are worth looking into [and paying for].  Thanks for the re-print permission Bob.

8 Really Smart Reasons Why YOU Should Be Sending Your Clients A Company Newsletter by Security Guru Bob Maunsell

Here’s 8 compelling reasons why you should be sending your clients (and prospects) a newsletter from your security business. 

1. Be Viewed As An “Industry Expert” 
    A newsletter is a great way to share your industry knowledge with your clients. Produce articles of any size and length about security and place it in your newsletter.   
    You will soon achieve expert status in your client's’ eyes and they will see the value of your security service. 

2. Referrals 
    The best way to get referrals is to just ask!  It’s so important to have the means to ask your clients for a referral. That’s why you should have a marketing system in place that has different referral pieces for different occasions.
Let me give you a few examples:   
  • A Company Newsletter - the most important because it is in your customer’s face several times per year and the referral generator is included in a piece that is considered newsworthy and not salesy. 
  •   **If you’re interested in a done-for-you company newsletter with a referral-generating section - check out our quarterly  Service That Soars™ printed newsletter or our monthly  Secure Zone™ enewsletter.** 
  • A Survey - sent to your customers after the installation is complete -  asking how well you did, if they’re pleased with their new system, etc and includes a referral-generating section. 
  • A Door Knocker - placed on doors in a neighborhood where you are installing a system - letting neighbors know you’re doing work next door and asking if they are in need of your services (a reverse referral really). 
  • Referral Letter - that you mail to your clients. 
3. Stealth Marketing 
    A properly written and executed newsletter (one that trains clients to pay, stay and refer) is truly a “Guerilla” method of marketing.  Only your current clients receive it and they become your marketing force if properly influenced (by the newsletter content).   
    Your competition will never know how you attract all of the top-shelf clients in your town. The newsletter works behind the scenes to keep your clients on board and referring new clients. 

4. Introduce New Services & Feature Products 
    Introducing news services and products in your newsletter is a great way to truly present the comprehensive nature of your security business.   
    You should present you new products and services in educational content. 
    For example:  What is the difference between a proxy reader and a biometric reader?: Is an IR-Camera right for you?    
    By featuring products/services this way, you'll really make your inquiries grow. 

5. People Prefer To Have A Printed Newsletter 
    According to a Standard & Poors study, people prefer to have a newsletter or written material mailed to them, despite the growing use of the web for distribution of marketing material. 
    The study showed 1/3 of the respondents preferred printed copies, and 41% preferred both print and electronic. 

6. The Cost of The Clients 
    It takes anywhere from 6 to 15 times the amount of money to attract new clients than it does to keep your current clients coming back for more.   
    Sending out a company newsletter on a consistent basis is the simplest, easiest and brain-dead way to keep your clients coming back for more, more, more! 

7. Building A Relationship 
    Creating a “personality” for you and your company has a lifelong bonding effect.  The more you share your hobbies, travels and lifestyle with your clients the more bonding goes on. The same goes for your staff and referrals.  Share a little about them each month. Get warm and fuzzy here! 
    Clients get a sense that, they really know you and in turn you are breaking down the anti-trust barrier, opening up the flood-gates for a tsunami of referrals.   

8. Increase Value 
Your clients will perceive higher value in your security business.  According to Standard & Poors survey, businesses that send newsletters are viewed as more stable and are regarded as having a higher level of customer service.
    Now, I hope you see the value in sending out a monthly newsletter.  Once you get started, it really isn’t so hard.  You’ll actually grow to love it!  
    For those of you who can’t see themselves putting a newsletter together or just don’t have the time or desire, then check out one of our done-for-you client newsletters: 
Service That Soars™  - quarterly printed newsletter 
Secure Zone™  - monthly emailed newsletter
Bob Maunsell & Team SMG 
Security Marketing Guru 


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