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long term contract and collections / Concierge Program sign up today
February 2, 2019
long term contract and collections
   Just out of curiosity what's the purpose of that length? Do I enforce early cancellation, even after 5 years? Do you recommend changing term to less than a decade?
   The purpose of a longer term contract is to make you more money. The All in One Agreements provide for increases of 9% annually, so you are protected against stagnant RMR.
    Whether you should enforce the contract for its full term depends on a lot of considerations, such as the remaining term, the RMR, why the cancellation, likelihood of recovery from the subscriber among other considerations. 
    The long term contracts, 5 years for residential and 10 years for commercial, are justified by the investment the alarm company makes in the new customer for installation or start up costs. The long term RMR is necessary to achieve anticipated profit from the customer.
    K&K does a lot of collection work for the alarm industry and if you use our Standard Form Agreements we will support you at least through the arbitration process. Our collection results are excellent. Contact our head paralegal Kathleen Lampert to get started; her contact info is 516 747 6700 x 319 or
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    There is a big difference between "yeah I know of him"; "yeah I met him"; "yeah I spoke to him"; "yeah I get his emails", and
"he's my lawyer". Big difference. And that's why you should join the Concierge Program today. Believe me, participation is going to fill up because we are going to limit participation so we can provide the best individualized legal services we can.     You have available to you not only me [a legend in my own mind] but the well trained attorneys at K&K. We have many areas of law covered for you.
    So what's it worth to have knowledgeable "house counsel" sitting in the next office from yours, within yelling distance, so that you can get all your questions answers as they arise? It's worth a lot more than the program costs. 
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    We are looking forward to hearing you say "he's my lawyer". 

    Check out our CONCIERGE LAWYER SERVICE FOR THE ALARM INDUSTRY PROGRAM. I hope you decide to join. I promise we will make it worthwhile.  We want you to think of K&K as your attorneys and we hope to meet your every expectation.  Participation is limited so don't delay.  Now you can afford to have K&K on retainer and available when you need us.
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